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MTC -- 2005 Summary of Summer Internships

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  • Elisa Harvie
    2005 SUMMARY OF SUMMER INTERNSHIPS Internships at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) provide opportunities for professional contributions in a
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      Internships at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) provide opportunities for professional contributions in a variety of transportation planning, finance and operational projects for aspiring professionals, as well as opportunities to obtain further training in these areas.  Employment generally is full-time from June to September and with the potential of part-time work (up to 20 hours a week) through December. Twelve (12) hourly positions are available this year.  Refer to Page eight (8) for the application process.





      1. Library Intern

      ·     Assist in updating web pages and/or designing new web pages.

      ·     Assist in maintaining a complete collection of MTC Publications.

      ·     Catalog historic and recent MTC publications into the online database.

      ·     Miscellaneous Library duties, including reference work.

      ·     Assist with serials control and other miscellaneous library duties.


      ·     Master’s of Library Information Studies, or June graduate.

      ·     Familiarity with online catalog systems.

      ·     Knowledge of HTML & web page design.

      ·     Knowledge of standard cataloging practices.


      1. Graphics Intern

      ·     Assist with designing and electronic layout of a wide range of material, including reports, brochures, ads, flyers, newsletters, etc.

      ·     Scan and adjust photos using Photoshop.

      ·     Create and update web pages, create graphics for web pages.

      ·     Create presentations using PowerPoint; create charts, graphs and illustrations.

      ·     Help organize/clean-up electronic and physical files and grow the photo database.


      ·     Knowledge of several graphics/web programs such as Quark, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Javasccript, etc.

      ·     Experience in creating and maintaining web sites.

      ·     Familiarity with databases and programming languages a plus.

      ·     Should be comfortable in both a Mac and PC environment.

      ·     Classwork in publication or web design.


      1. Public Information and Legislation Intern

      ·     Assist with wide range of public information, legislation and graphic/web duties.

      ·     Research/write articles, press releases, ads and copy for newsletters, brochures, etc.

      ·     Assist with public outreach efforts.

      ·     Update and create web pages.

      ·     Represent the agency at fairs and outreach meetings. 

      ·     May also assist with legislative advocacy efforts.

      ·     Help update media contact databases.


      ·     College graduate or graduate student, majoring in English, political science, communications, journalism, marketing or related field.

      ·     Strong English writing and editing skills, with course work in journalism or experience working on the school newspaper desirable; excellent typing skills.

      ·     Experience with creating or working on web sites.

      ·     Legislative experience also helpful.

      ·     Student is requested to submit two published writing samples (school newspaper, Web page, etc.) with application; if no published sample is available, then writing samples from a recent class will suffice.

      ·     Good organizational skills; some events planning helpful.





      1. Funding Intern

      ·     Update the annual Statistical Summary of Bay Area Transit Operators.

      ·     Design and implement changes to existing document. Gather and summarize transit operator financial and performance data.

      ·     Correspond with transit operators to verify accuracy of data and work with MTC staff to produce the document.

      ·     As time allows, the intern may be asked to perform other analyses related to transit capital or operating capacity.


      ·     Strong Excel skills (mandatory).

      ·     Graduate or undergraduate student majoring in planning, public administration, public policy or transportation planning.

      ·     Detail oriented.

      ·     Interest in transit performance monitoring is useful.




      1. GIS Intern

      ·     Under supervision, assist MTC staff with a variety of GIS mapping and analysis projects as directed by the GIS Coordinator. Typical projects will include:

      o    Create Regional District Boundaries (Voting Precincts for City/ County/ Supervisor and Special District Boundaries) for the nine county bay area region.

      o    Perform research related to the development of a digital multi-modal transit network for use in Transportation Modeling applications, using data collected from the Regional Transit Database.

      o    Assist staff with the development of a multi-modal network for the nine-county bay area region. 

      o    Work with staff in an effort to integrate advanced GIS tools and methods with TAMU research.

      ·     Assist staff with the development of an Agency-wide GIS Data browser (Intranet Mapping Application) that will be accessible and easy to use by all agency staff.

      ·     Provide general mapping and analysis support for several ongoing Planning projects such as:

      o    Transit Oriented Development Study

      o    Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC/HIP) Project Mapping

      o    Transportation Improvement Projects (TIP) Mapping


      ·     HTML/JavaScript programming.

      ·     Experience with ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Software (ArcInfo/ ArcView) and extensions/ ArcIMS Internet Mapping software.

      ·     Principles and practices of GIS. A working knowledge of Microsoft Access databases.

      ·     Strong communication skills, ability to communicate ideas effectively.


      1. Lifeline Transportation Program Intern

      ·     Provide planning assistance and data analysis tasks to support the Lifeline Transportation Program. Examples of specific tasks include:

      o    Update State of the Region Paratransit Report. 

      o    Collect two fiscal years’ budget and ridership data for 20 Paratransit programs.

      o    Develop and manage spreadsheets for data collection.

      o    Conduct analyses and prepare written report to document key findings and trends.

      o    Prepare status report for Low Income Flexible Transportation (LIFT) Program.

      o    Document status of ongoing LIFT projects to compare actual service performance with original program goals.

      o    Make on-site visits, meet with project sponsors and collect data as needed to report on project activities.


      ·     Basic computer skills (e.g. Excel, Word).

      ·     Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

      ·     Basic analytical skills, ability to interpret raw data and report on key findings.

      ·     Valid California drivers’ license.


      1. Non-Motorized Access Coordinator

      ·     Conduct essential research on how the transportation needs of cyclists and pedestrians, are considered and addressed during project planning and design, as required by Caltrans Deputy Directive 64 as adopted by MTC in 2001.

      ·     Audit select projects from past Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) to understand how each project considered the needs of non-motorized travelers and whether non-motorized features were ultimately included in the project design and construction.

      ·     In reviewing specific projects, the intern will conduct telephone or in-person interviews with city of county staff.

      ·     Prepare a report at the end of the summer summarizing the findings, which will be shared with Caltrans District 4 Planning staff, MTC staff, the Regional Pedestrian Committee and the Regional Bicycle Working Group. These findings will provide critical information for discussions between MTC, Caltrans, CMA staff about future steps to implement this Call to Action.


      ·     Good oral communication and people skills.

      ·     Professional phone manner.

      ·     General knowledge of the project development process (planning and engineering).

      ·     Interest in non-motorized travel (pedestrian and bicycle).

      ·     Good writing skills.

      ·     Good organizational skills.


      1. Planning Intern

      ·     Assist with the implementation and evaluation of the Spare the Air/Free Morning Commute Program and other air quality planning efforts. 

      ·     Specific responsibilities may include assessing the effectiveness of the Free Morning Commute Program through an evaluation of ridership gains, customer satisfaction, and emission reductions.

      ·     Assist in conducting and evaluating the on-board surveys and survey data from 511.org.

      ·     Coordinate various activities with the Air District and participating transit operators as needed.


      ·     Good writing and analytic skills are required. 

      ·     Urban and regional planning background desirable. 

      ·     Experience with data collection related to transit services and survey analysis desirable.




      1. TransLink®  Intern

      ·     Marketing:

      o    Assist with development and implementation of marketing plan to promote employer benefits.

      o    Coordinate meetings with rideshare/marketing committees and employers.

      o    Develop a series of forms for use by TransLink® cardholders (refund request, defective card, Autoload registration, Autoload cancellation).

      o    Support transit agencies with launch-related promotions.

      ·     Accessibility:

      o    Write a TransLink® accessibility brochure.

      o    Work with transit agencies, consultants, and advisory groups to develop a card balance reader for persons with visual impairments.

      ·     Testing:

      o    Witness testing of TransLink® equipment and software in the test lab and in the field (at stations, bus depots, etc.).

      ·     Contract Management (Optional):

      o    Modify and update invoice database to include detailed information and track the impact of price escalation.

      o    Expand reporting capability.


      ·     Graduate or undergraduate student in an appropriate discipline, such as urban planning, transportation planning, public information, engineering, or public administration. 

      ·     Interested in transit coordination and operations. 

      ·     Excellent writing skills required. 

      ·     Must be detail-oriented, self-motivated, and able to work well in a team atmosphere.

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