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Job Announcement: Town of Fairfax, Director of Planning and Building Services

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  • Dayana Salazar
    TOW N O F FA I R F A X A N N O U N C E S A N E M P L O Y M E N T O P P O RT U N I T Y F O R D i r e c t o r o f P l a n n i n g & Bu i l d i n g S e r v i c e
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2005
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      TOW N O F FA I R F A X

      A N N O U N C E S A N E M P L O Y M E N T

      O P P O RT U N I T Y F O R

      D i r e c t o r o f P l a n n i n g

      & Bu i l d i n g S e r v i c e s

      TH E ID E A L CA N D I D AT E

      The ideal candidate for this department head position

      is a hands-on, outgoing veteran public administrator

      with good communications skills who is comf

      o rtable managing a staff, overseeing special planning

      p rojects, and working at the counter as needed.

      He/she is committed to public service and will be

      able to confidently face challenges, work with elected

      and appointed officials, community leaders, developers,

      business people and the general public. He/she

      is non-political but politically astute, respectful and

      able to communicate with persons re p resenting all

      sides of an issue. He/she is customer focused, a creative

      thinker, a problem solver, and has a leadership

      style that motivates staff to outstanding pro f e s s i o n a l -

      level perf o rmance. He/she is pro-active, highly energetic,

      pro g ressive, and does not know the meaning of

      �it can�t be done�. He/she is an enviro n m e n t a l l y

      conscious person who is familiar with and enthusiastic

      about sustainable building techniques.

      He/she will be a member of the American Planning

      Association and preferably show a commitment to

      the planning profession as a member of the

      American Institute of Certified Planners.

      DI R E C T O R O F P L A N N I N G

      & B U I L D I N G S E RV I C E S

      The Town of Fairfax is an environmentally

      conscious community situated in the heart of

      central Marin County and is considered the

      most progressive of Marin�s 11 incorporated

      cities. Fairfax was incorporated in 1931 and

      has a current population of appro x i m a t e l y

      7500. There are not many easily developed lots

      left in Town so most of the planning activity is

      related to steep hillside lots and remodels. The

      Town has ordinances preventing chain stores

      and take-out styrofoam food packaging and is in

      the process of updating its General Plan with a

      goal of retaining its small town character. The

      A rt Deco era movie theater is the

      centerpiece of a vibrant nightlife with

      top-notch restaurants and well-known clubs

      with venues for jazz and other popular music.

      The population is quite diverse including a large

      �green� political base, the largest in the San

      Francisco Bay Area. Fairfax is a mountain

      biking and hiking Mecca because it is surro u n d e d

      by committed open space and a nature preserve.

      The Town�s sylvan setting in the forested hills

      and its Mediterranean climate encourage

      outdoor activities year- round. Within a

      30-minute drive of San Francisco to the South

      or the Pt. Reyes National Seashore to the West,

      the community is home to many local artists and

      musicians. Housing costs are reasonable by

      Marin County standards.

      TH E PO S I T I O N

      The Director of Planning and Building Services is an

      �at will� position, appointed by the Town Council,

      who re p o rts to the Town Administrator. The Dire c t o r

      plans, supervises and coordinates the planning and

      zoning activities of the Town, serves as Zoning

      A d m i n i s t r a t o r, oversees the building inspection activities

      of the Town, and does other related work as

      assigned by the Town Administrator. This position

      d i ffers from the Senior Planner in that the Director of

      Planning and Building Services is involved with interjurisdictional

      studies, General Plan and Zoning

      O rdinance revisions, Master Plans and other longert

      e rm planning issues, and is responsible for pro g r a m

      planning and supervision and evaluation of the

      d e p a rtment staff. The small town environment provides

      an opportunity to be involved in all aspects of

      planning from working with customers at the public

      counter to guiding the creation of the long-range

      vision for the town.

      SU P E RV I S I O N EX E R C I S E D

      The Director of Planning and Building Services

      s u p e rvises a senior planner, a building inspector and an

      administrative assistant and does annual perf o rm a n c e

      evaluations and oversees and coordinates the work of

      contract building and planning consultants.

      Examples of Important and Essential Duties

      Plans, organizes and personally perf o rms the more

      technical aspects of the work of the depart m e n t .

      T h rough staff and/or consultants, directs and

      guides revisions to the To w n �s General Plan

      Mediates complaints from the public and

      meets with and advises the public on planning

      issues at the public counter.

      Develops monitors and maintains the

      d e p a rt m e n t �s budget.

      C o o rdinates with outside agencies affected by

      the To w n �s policies.

      Advises the Town Council and the Planning

      Commission re g a rding planning issues and

      works with public bodies including the Town

      Council, the Planning Commission, the

      Design Review Board, and related boards

      and committees on a full array of planning,

      building, and code enforcement issues.

      P rocesses planning-related permits and pre p a res

      a p p ropriate staff re p o rts for presentation to the

      Town Council, the Planning Commission and the

      Design Review Board .

      P re p a res comprehensive planning re p o rts and

      special re p o rts as issues arise.

      A s s u res project compliance with the

      e n v i ronmental review pro c e s s .

      P rovides technical assistance to staff and other

      d e p a rtments on planning-related issues.

      F o rmulates operating policies and pro c e d u res

      for the Building Division.

      JO B RE L AT E D & ES S E N T I A L

      QU A L I F I C AT I O N S

      The selected candidate will:

      Know and understand California laws relating

      to planning, environmental re v i e w, subdivisions,

      annexations, zoning and land use and will

      understand principles, objectives and pro c e d u res

      of municipal planning and development.

      Have computer skills and word processing

      c o m p e t e n c e .

      Have knowledge of the general principles

      and techniques of public administration,

      s u p e rvision and motivation of employees

      including how to supervise, motivate, mentor,

      train, evaluate and plan the work of others.

      Have a general understanding of the Uniform

      Building Codes and general construction terms

      and techniques, particularly related to hillside

      d e v e l o p m e n t .

      Will have communication, effective listening and

      o rganizational skills and the ability to write clear

      and concise re p o rt s .

      ED U C AT I O N & TR A I N I N G

      GU I D E L I N E S:

      A combination of experience and training that

      would likely provide the required knowledge and

      abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the

      knowledge and abilities would be:

      Experience - Five years of increasingly

      responsible and broad experience in professional

      planning work including management and

      supervisory experience. A Master's degree may

      be substituted for one year of required experience.

      Training - Graduation from an accredited

      college or university with a degree in Urban

      Planning or a closely related field.

      License - Possession of, or ability to obtain,

      an appropriate driver's license.

      CO M P E N S AT I O N / BE N E F I T S

      Annual Salary: $83,600 to $92,800

      Retirement - Employees are covered by the

      Public Employee�s Retirement System (PERS)

      2.5% at 55. The employee�s 8% contribution is

      currently paid by the Town. The Town does not

      participate in Social Security.

      Health Benefits - Through the Public

      Employee�s Retirement System (PERS) several

      health care programs are offered, including

      Kaiser, Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

      Dental Benefits - Delta Dental coverage is

      provided for our employees.

      Other Benefits:

      � Paid life insurance.

      � Paid vacation, holidays, sick leave and

      administrative leave.

      � Optional deferred compensation plan.

      � Optional accident insurance.

      TH E PR O C E S S

      If you are interested in pursuing this highly desirable

      career opportunity, please forward a letter of interest,

      your resume, current salary and the names and

      phone numbers of five professional references to:

      Town Clerk

      Town of Fairfax

      142 Bolinas Road

      Fairfax, CA 94930

      Final Filing Date: March 24, 2005

      If you have any questions re g a rding this position, please

      feel free to contact Judy Anderson at 415: 453-1584.


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