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RE: [SJSU_MURPs] FW: (Public.Spaces) PPS and FHWA launch new transportation website

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  • irvin dawid
    of possible related interest, speaking of the Project for Public Spaces: The Forum at Redwood City will feature Fred Kent, Founder and President, Project for
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      of possible related interest, speaking of the Project for Public Spaces:

      The Forum at Redwood City will feature Fred Kent, Founder and President,
      Project for Public Spaces, on Weds, 3/2, 6-7:45pm.

      He will be addressing why some parks succeed as lively public spaces (Cesar
      Chavez Plaza?) while others (St. James Park?) fail, and how we can learn
      from the missed opportunities of underperforming parks in order to create
      great public spaces in our own communities.

      Kent is a researcher for William H. Whyte on the Street Life Project and an
      internationally recognized expert in placemaking.

      for more info, contact Dan Zack, RWC, dzack@...


      Irvin Dawid [home: 650/853-0558; cell: 650/283-6534]

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      Subject: [SJSU_MURPs] FW: (Public.Spaces) PPS and FHWA launch new
      transportation website
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      Subject: (Public.Spaces) PPS and FHWA launch new transportation website


      Dear list members:

      PPS has launched a new website, www.contextsensitivesolutions.org, about
      transportation projects that respond better to the needs of the
      community and environment. "Context-Sensitive Solutions" is a
      relatively new mandate from the Federal Highway Administration to design
      streets and roads that fit their physical setting, and respond to the
      desires and needs of the community. At its best, the new CSS approach
      hinges on two key aspects of Placemaking: conducting an inclusive
      planning process and creating a good place. PPS has helped communities
      and state DOTs create Places with their streets and roads for decades.
      In recent years, we have even been hired by state DOTs to train their
      staff in Context-Sensitive Solutions.

      www.contextsensitivesolutions.org/ is a huge collection of resources
      and images using a database-driven platform, and the hope is that it
      will become a sort of homepage for the growing CSS movement. The site
      was commissioned by the FHWA and built by Project for Public Spaces,
      with input from Scenic America, AASHTO, ITE, NACTO, NPS, FTA and others.
      People can post images, graphics, and documents; participate in forums;
      create their own toolbox; and soon we'll launch a listserve. We will be
      relying on users to help plug the gaps in content that remain, so please
      use the "Submit Content" link and ecourage others to do the same.

      The site also offers access to information in many ways for a number of
      audiences. For example, an engineer can look for CSS projects by
      searching under the Green Book road classifications, while another user
      could find the same projects through one of many alternative
      classification systems developed by the CSS field. A third user might
      search the site by looking at problems that CSS projects address, such
      as speeding or vehicle accidents. So, it is in fact a great resource
      for transportation professionals as well as their clients.

      We also have a shortcut URL to make it easier for regular users:

      Thanks, enjoy, and let us know what you think!

      Phil Myrick
      Assistant Vice President, PPS

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