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Summer School: Ecology, Imperialism and the Contradictions of Capitalism (Toronto)

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    ... International Political Economy and Ecology Summer School 2005 July 20-27 Ecology, Imperialism and the Contradictions of Capitalism Presented by the
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 02/02/2005 10:43 AM -----

      International Political Economy and Ecology
      Summer School 2005
      July 20-27

      Ecology, Imperialism and the Contradictions of Capitalism

      Presented by the Faculty of Environmental Studies
      and the Department of Political Science
      York University, Toronto

      Each summer school investigates one salient issue within the field of
      international political economy and ecology (IPEE). IPEE includes the
      notion of international and transnational economic relations, and comparative
      structures of national political economy and ecology. Each session is a
      challenging exploration of current literature. A prime objective is to bridge
      the gap between theory and practice, and between ecology and democracy.

      Course Modules and Instructors:

      1) Environmental Justice and Urban Political Economy

      Joan Martinez-Alier is Full Professor at the Department of Economics and
      Economic History, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. he is editor of
      Ecologia Politica, member of the scientific committee of the European
      Environment Agency, and president-elect of the International Society for
      Ecological Economics. He is the author of The Environmentalism of the Poor,
      Varieties of Environmentalism (with R. Guha) and Ecological Economics.

      2) Marxism, Critical Theory, and Ecology

      Alex Demirovic teaches in political science and sociology and works on
      critical social theory in the realms of nature, economic development, state, and
      culture. He has published numerous books and articles on critical theory,
      state theory, democracy, intellectuals, racism, social movements and ecological

      3) Ecosocialism and Subsistence: Towards an Ecological Marxism

      Joel Kovel is Editor in Chief of Capitalism Nature Socialism, and Professor
      of Social Studies at Bard College. His most recent book is The Enemy of

      4) Ecofeminism / Ecosocialism

      Ariel Salleh is an editor of Capitalism Nature Socialism, a writer and
      former academic, with activist experience in water, biodiversity, and mining
      politics. Besides Ecofeminism as Politics, she has contributed some 150 articles
      and talks to the literature on ecology from a gender perspective.

      Conference Participation:

      This year’s summer school includes mandatory participation in the
      Capitalism Nature Socialism Anniversary Conference being held July 22-24, 2005
      at York University.

      Registration Information:

      Graduate students and interested individuals are invited to apply to the
      2005 IPEE Summer School. Graduate students who complete the summer school
      receive academic credits for one half-year graduate course – but the School need
      not be taken for credit. For graduate students at York University and other
      Ontario universities, the fee for the course is included in the regular

      Non-Ontario students seeking course credit are welcome and should contact the
      Course Directors directly to make arrangements. Graduate students from
      outside Canada who wish to take the course for credit should write for further

      For all other students or those not seeking academic credit, the fee for
      the course is CDN$500.

      The deadline for applications is April 22, 2005. Enrolment is limited.
      Applications will be reviewed and applicants informed about their

      For more information or an application form, please contact: Liette Gilbert (gilbertl@...) or
      Stefan Kipfer (kipfer@...).
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