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Full Time Position - San Francisco - Environmental Careers Organization - Program Director

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    ... ENVIRONMENTAL CAREERS ORGANIZATION Job Description Director of California Programs January 2005 SUPERVISOR President LOCATION
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 02/01/2005 07:53 PM -----

      Job Description

      Director of California Programs
      January 2005

      SUPERVISOR                      President
      LOCATION                           San Francisco, California


      Develop, finance and implement internships, fellowships, leadership
      education and environmental career development efforts at local/state
      government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses in
      State of California. This California Initiative is first of several regional
      programs (New England, Pacific Northwest, Southeast, Great Lakes) that The
      Environmental Careers (ECO) will be creating over next few years.  Success
      of California Initiative is a top priority of ECO’s Board of Trustees.

      For more information about The Environmental Careers Organization, see
      “About ECO” below.


      1.     Develop fee-for-service contract relationships with local/state
      government agencies, private businesses and nonprofit organizations
      throughout State of California, resulting in creation of ECO
      intern/associate/fellowship positions financed by sponsoring organizations.
      2.      Hire and manage Internship Program Coordinator(s) to recruit,
      screen, refer, select and manage ECO interns and fellows at sponsoring
      3.      Assure that ECO recruits and promotes students and recent graduates
      of color and achieves high levels of ethnic and racial diversity in all of
      its programs.
      4.     Whenever needed, perform recruitment, screening, referral, selection
      and management tasks personally.
      5.     Raise funds from philanthropic institutions (e.g. foundations,
      corporations, government agencies, and individuals) to finance pool of
      “scholarship” funds that will enable selected not-for-profit groups to
      sponsor ECO interns when they otherwise would not be able to afford
      participation in program.
      6.      In collaboration with Director of Marketing, Development and
      Corporate Relations, and others, develop and implement public affairs
      activities that win media attention and spread word about ECO’s mission and
      7.      Design and implement activities that identify important California
      networks related to environmental protection, conservation, natural resource
      management, and sustainable communities, and find constructive ways to
      involve ECO in those networks.
      8.     Manage Regional Office so it meets or exceeds all agreed-upon goals
      and objectives.
      9.     Develop and maintain all needed electronic and paper systems for
      record-keeping and network maintenance.
      10. Develop and manage methods for involving unpaid volunteers and interns
      (including      ECO alumni) in delivery of ECO programs in California.
      11.  Assist President in development of other local and regional programs
      (Pacific Northwest, New England, etc.) as time and resources allow.
      12.  Serve on ECO’s National Management Council with five other senior
      13.  Serve as face and voice of ECO’s mission in State of California.


      Director, California Programs, page 2


      *                 Proven ability to sell services to public and private clients
      *                 Superior communication skills (writing, speaking, listening)
      *                 Strong belief that work/learning experiences like internships are valuable
      and important
      *                 Interest in success of college students and recent college graduates
      *                 Passion for improving ecological health, social justice and economic
      security throughout State of California
      *                 Strong commitment to diversity as an essential value
      *                 Proven history of, and strong interest in, meeting revenue-generation
      *                 Strong entrepreneurial spirit
      *                 Proven ability to create—and manage from—annual and multi-year business
      *                 Proven ability to raise funds from foundations, corporations, government,
      and individuals
      *                 Proven ability to hire, manage, and successfully motivate other
      *                 Ability to thrive and prosper in fast-moving environment with many
      projects and programs going on simultaneously
      *                 Ability to design and manage programs, preferably related to career
      *                 Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Power
      Point, Outlook)
      *                 Proven ability to develop and manage networks, including electronic
      *                 Strong interest in environmental protection, conservation, natural
      resource management, and sustainable communities and people whose careers
      are invested in these goals
      *                 Willingness (even eagerness) to travel frequently to build and maintain
      *                 Frugality and resourcefulness
      *                 Combination of attention to detail and ability to stay focused on big
      *                 Sense of humor and perspective
      *                 Eagerness to work very hard and remain enthusiastic
      *                 Strong interest in bringing start-up activity to scale
      *                 Bachelor’s degree

      SALARY RANGE:  $60,000-$70,000 annualized

      TO APPLY:
      Forward resume, with cover letter (reference Dir-CA and state how you
      learned of the job)—to:



      Karen Hurst, Director of Human Resources
      The Environmental Careers Organization
      30 Winter Street, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02108-4720

      We Strive For A Workforce As Diverse As The Environment We Serve.


      Director, California Programs, page 3

      ABOUT ECO: The Environmental Careers Organization, Inc. is a 33 year-old
      national, nonprofit education, training and leadership development
      organization for the environmental field.  Our mission is to protect and
      enhance the environment through the development of diverse leaders, the
      promotion of careers, and the inspiration of individual action.  This is
      accomplished through intern and leadership programs, career events, books
      and publications, diversity initiative, web site and alumni office.  For
      additional background, please review our web site ( www.eco.org
      <http://www.eco.org/> ).

      This position is an opportunity for an individual to further develop his/her
      career and skills, and gain valuable experience working with environmental
      leaders in California while solving challenging environmental problems with
      the energies and talents of young people.  People who do well at ECO are
      self-motivated, organized, entrepreneurial, have initiative, are interested
      in positive social change and believe that people can and do make a
      difference.  ECO has three main thematic areas:  training tomorrow’s leaders
      by creatively solving problems today; diversity; and sustainability.

      We are very interested in talking with people whose career goals, skills,
      talents and experience coincide with our needs, mission and environmental

      ABOUT ECO’s San Francisco Office:
      Highlights of the 2005 plan and budget for the California Office.

      Program: 50 Interns
      Current programs:
      East Bay Municipal Utility District: 6 interns
      California Coastal Commission: 2 interns
      Riverside Conservation District: 6 interns
      California Environmental Fellows Program: 15–20 interns
      New project development: 15–20 interns

      Budget: $ 1.4 million
      $ 1.1m in sponsor revenues
      Current committed sponsor revenues: $ 600,000 (approximate)
      $ 345,000 in fundraising
      $ 266,000 in pending proposals

      ECO alumni in California: 1,265

      ECO started working in California in 1978.
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