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Summer Seminar on Livable Cities in Pacific Asia

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  • Dayana Salazar
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      Subject: SEMINAR: Livable Cities, Globalization Research Center /
      East-West Center

      Summer Seminar on Livable Cities in Pacific Asia: Research Methods for

      During the month of June 2005 the Globalization Research Center and the
      East-West Center will host a Summer Seminar on Livable Cities with a
      focus on
      Pacific Asia.  This intensive training program will cover both methods
      analysis and substantive issues in making cities in the region more
      Perspectives from key fields, such as environmental management,
      studies, and the social and political dynamics of governance, will
      insights into key population, urban policy and planning issues.  Peter
      Xenos of
      the East-West Center and Mike Douglass at the University of Hawaii are
      co-coordinators for this seminar.

      Further information and application forms can be found at:

      The deadline for applications is January 20th 2005. All applications
      should be
      sent directly to the East-West Center by email
      (sumsem@...) or
      fax (1-808-944-7490).

      The Summer Seminar is open to researchers and policy analysts in and
      outside of
      government as well as advanced graduate students concerned with any of
      crucial dimensions of the management of mega-urban regions. Individuals
      anticipate having a continuing role in either research or policy are
      particularly encouraged to apply.

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