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FW: Planning position in San Jose

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  • Elisa Harvie
    ... From: ken liss [mailto:moeliss@sbcglobal.net] Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 9:50 AM To: urbplan@email.sjsu.edu Subject: Planning position in San Jose
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      From: ken liss [mailto:moeliss@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 9:50 AM
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      Subject: Planning position in San Jose

      I am an independent recruiter and I have a civil engineering firm (with
      offices around California and out of state) whose San Jose office is looking
      for a assistant or associate planner who has or will have an M.A. In
      something like public administration or it's equivalent. This person should
      have at least several years of hands on experience and must possess
      excellent communication (verbal and writing) skills. The salary will be
      somewhere in the $50K to $60K range. Below is a description of what the
      position can encompass. I appreciate your sending this to your students.
      Thanks, Ken Liss K. Liss & Associates, Inc. 888 219 8265

      What would the duties of the Assistant/Associate Planner be? Because this
      position is in our Program Management/Project Delivery Group, the candidate
      needs to be a good "generalist." Depending on the strengths of the
      successful candidate, the duties could encompass any of the following:
      * Project (and program) scheduling;
      * Coordination with program managers & local/regional/state agencies to
      monitor project funding information and maintain project cash flows;
      * Research regulatory information (city, regional, state & federal) both to
      advise the project manager as to requirements and coordinate with the
      relevant agency;
      * Identify necessary permits & work with the design team to obtain them in a
      timely fashion.
      * Create & maintain a variety of tracking mechanisms - this could apply to a
      wide range of areas, such as funding issues, ROW acquisitions, Utility
      relocations, Public Outreach efforts, construction management support, etc.
      * Public Outreach activities
      * Technical Report Writing / Grant proposal writing
      Would one aspect be to help navigate projects or parts of projects through
      the layered stages of the regulatory process?

      Absolutely, that's why both strong organizational & communication skills are
      so important.

      Do you know what types of projects the Assistant/Associate Planner would
      work on?
      A wide variety of projects ranging from Š
      * public outreach support for a water-main design project;
      * assistance on our Program Management effort for the Contra Costa
      Transportation Authority;
      * Project scheduling for a large intermodal
      station/Transit-oriented-Development program
      * Coordinating utility relocation for a large transportation design project
      * Grant funding for a rural water project
      Basically, anything that is process-related (as opposed to pure design) can
      fall under our team.
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