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Job - Washington DC - Local Initiatives Support Corporation - Research & Assessment Director

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    ... LOCAL INITIATIVES SUPPORT CORPORATION Job Description Research and Assessment Director LISC helps neighbors build communities. Each year we invest $600
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2005

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 01/07/2005 10:59 AM -----


      Job Description
      Research and Assessment Director

      LISC helps neighbors build communities. Each year we invest $600 million in
      neighborhoods and rural areas. Since 1980, LISC has raised over $5.7 billion
      from the private sector and invested it to generate over $11 billion in
      community development. These funds have financed over 147,000 homes and 22
      million square feet of economic development facilities, employing 52,000.
      Even more important, LISC is helping many of the most troubled communities
      in America to regain hope. LISC works through local, nonprofit Community
      Development Corporations. Our financing includes investments, loans,
      guarantees, and grants. Organizational assistance includes advice, training,
      management analysis, and operational support. LISC helps to develop not just
      buildings, but whole communities.

      As a leader in the field of community development for nearly twenty five
      years, LISC is establishing a new Research and Assessment unit to examine
      and document individual and community-wide impacts of community development
      activities. Until now, the community development field has relied
      principally on anecdote to convey its value. More quantifiable evidence and
      rigorous analysis of the field’s impact is timely. We expect the findings we
      generate to inform government policy makers, other opinion leaders and
      funders, as well as to help practitioners refine program strategies.

      To provide this research capacity to the field, the new R & A unit will be
      responsible for:
      *                 Managing LISC’s research agenda.
      *                 Coaching local and national LISC programs in measuring impacts.
      *                 Hosting an internet based community development research clearinghouse
      *                 Engaging with the broader research community.

      The Research and Assessment unit will be part of our Policy and Program
      Development Department and the Director will report to the Senior Vice
      President who oversees this department. Policy and Program Development
      combines existing capacities in program planning, knowledge sharing, and
      public policy. Research and assessment will complement these other
      functions. The unit will include the Director, a research assistant and
      administrative support and will be based in LISC’s Washington, D.C. office.

      Position Description
      The Research and Assessment Director will have primary responsibility for
      working with local and national staff and senior management to identify
      important research topics relevant to community development. He or she will
      oversee research projects, assemble and maintain a web-based clearinghouse
      on community development research, and represent LISC within broader
      research networks regarding community development. The Director will also
      serve as an in-house consultant to assist LISC staff in measuring the
      impacts of national and local activities.

      Specific responsibilities include:

      1.       Manage national research projects

      *                 Identify research topics and methodologies that quantify the impacts of
      community development, working in coordination with regional vice presidents
      and the Policy and Program Development staff. The approach should combine
      methodological legitimacy, deep knowledge of community development, and a
      pragmatic focus on producing meaningful results. This research will analyze
      the impact of (1) multifaceted, multi-year community development programs
      and (2) narrower, more targeted activities.
      *                 Oversee research project design and implementation, which will usually
      entail identifying and contracting with independent, outside researchers.
      *                 Manage the writing of research papers, which communicate key findings of
      quantitative research projects.
      *                 Assist in communications strategies around new research, working closely
      with our Communications Department to identify key audiences and effective
      approaches to communicate findings.

      2.                                                   Coach local and
      national LISC staff on outcomes measurement
      *                 Support local LISC offices and national LISC programs that are seeking to
      measure individual and community impact by helping them define the scope and
      tasks, identify researchers, and oversee research processes.

      3.      Assemble and maintain a web-based clearinghouse on community
      development research
      *                 Collect LISC and non-LISC research models for dissemination to interested
      practitioners via the LISC Online Resource Library.
      *                 Collaborate with LISC’s Knowledge Sharing Initiative to design the
      web-based clearinghouse for community development research, based on
      existing and new content.

      4.      Participate in industry-wide research discussions
      *                 Represent LISC within broader research networks regarding community
      *                 Build collaborative research opportunities with research institutions and
      *                 Develop an approach to engage the research community more fully, through
      activities such as conferences, awards, etc.

      A successful candidate for the Research and Assessment Director position
      will have a proven track record in quantitative and qualitative research in
      community development or related fields, a relevant advanced degree,
      published research articles or papers, knowledge of the community
      development field and its practices, awareness of research challenges, a
      pragmatic approach and a results orientation. The candidate must be
      comfortable in both research and policy settings. Strong written and verbal
      communication skills are critical. Knowledge of community development and
      pertinent data collection issues is important.

      LISC offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits.

      Submit resumes to:      

      Buzz Roberts
      Senior Vice President for Policy & Program Development
      Local Initiatives Support Corporation
      1825 K Street, NW
      Washington, DC  20036


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