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    ... Press Release European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism _____ Strategies and Design for Cities and Territories Four leading European universities (UPC
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 12/24/2004 12:36 AM -----

      Press Release

      European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism


      Strategies and Design for Cities and Territories  

      Four leading European universities (UPC Barcelona, TU Delft, KU Leuven
      and IUAV Venice)* have designed a joint European Postgraduate Masters
      Programme in Urbanism: Strategies and Design for Cities and Territories,
      to be offered as of September 2005. The 4-semester course will
      constitute an international platform for urban debate.

      Urbanism is closely related to the rapid transformations being undergone
      by society and is continuously elaborating new interpretations,
      strategies and designs in response. Increasingly influenced by emerging
      individual and collective imageries, technologies and economies,
      urbanism, along with other disciplines, provides society with conceptual
      and operational tools for understanding change, revealing potential and
      possibilities, and producing visions and projects.

      The new joint programme is a collaborative effort. It intends to bring
      together the best components of existing curricula and to offer a
      top-ranking professional degree by combining the specificity and
      strengths of each of the participating Schools.

      The Masters course is design-oriented and affirms the role of design in
      the knowledge process, while integrating the different levels of scale.
      Learning by doing, research through design, and the project as knowledge
      producer constitute the key concerns and standpoints of the European
      post-graduate Masters degree, which is also aimed at enhancing a network
      of experiences and critical thinking.

      Design studio work forms the core of the programme and will afford the
      main themes related to transformation in cities and territories. Joint
      workshops and studio reviews complement the specific expertise of the
      participating Universities. The design studios will offer an overview of
      the state of contemporary cities and territories providing an
      international platform for debate in the field of urbanism.

      Appropriately qualified students are invited to apply by February 2005.

      Study Programme

      The consortium offers the two-year postgraduate Masters programme (120
      ECTS), consisting of three core semesters (30 ECTS/semester) and one
      final semester for a written or design thesis (30 ECTS). In each core
      semester, several cutting-edge courses are conducted where design studio
      is seen as the programme’s backbone.

      International Joint Degree

      The joint programme aims to produce highly-qualified university-trained
      urban designers/planners at the postgraduate Masters level. The
      Consortium, in an agreement signed by the four participating
      universities, guarantees the joint diploma of EUROPEAN POSTGRADUATE
      MASTERS IN URBANISM (Strategies and Design for Cities and Territories)
      to anyone who successfully completes his or her studies in this joint

      Student Mobility

      Course participants must fulfil a minimum of 60 ECTS from the hosting
      university and 30 ECTS (minimum) should be obtained from another
      counterpart university. Mobility begins in the second semester and any
      move may be prolonged to include a third semester to other counterpart
      university. The choice of staying two consecutive semesters in the same
      counterpart university is deemed undesirable.

      Admission Criteria  

      (1) Applicants with a degree in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or
      Urban Regional Planning and Design may enrol for this joint programme.
      (2) Applicants should have at least one Masters degree or a five-year
      Bachelors professional degree with the Grade Point Average (GPA) of at
      least 70 per cent of the possible maximum. (3) The applicant should
      submit his/her project portfolio, a short essay and CV. (4) Language
      Qualification: International TOEFL with a score of at least 550
      (paper-based test) or 213 (computer-based test), or equivalent.


      E-enrolment will be available as of February 2005. The applicant can
      easily enter our website to fill in an electronic application. After
      submitting an e-application, the applicant will receive an access code
      for monitoring the application process. The Consortium also provides a
      printed application form to anyone without appropriate access to

      Tuition Fees

      All the participating universities will charge a tuition fee of between
      € 2.500 (minimum) to € 3.000 (maximum) per semester. Students should pay
      for every semester on the basis of the number of ECTS that will be
      obtained in the different universities.

      Language of Instruction

      The courses are conducted in English, although Spanish will be used in
      UPC, Barcelona.


      Secretariat General

      European Higher Education Consortium in Urbanism

      Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urbanism

      Delft University of Technology

      Berlageweg 1, 2628 CR Delft

      The Netherlands

      Tel.  +31 (0) 15 27 81743

      Fax. +31 (0) 15 27 83694

      http://em-urbanism.tudelft.nl <http://em-urbanism.tudelft.nl/>  

      e-mail: coordinator.em-urbanism@...  


      ir. Andrea Peresthu MAHS., Dipl.Urb.

      Chairman, Executive Board


      * Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC-ETSAB) in Barcelona, Spain;
      Technische Universiteit Delft (TUD) in Delft, the Netherlands;
      Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) in Leuven, Belgium; Università IUAV
      di Venezia, in Venice, Italy.

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