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Asia Design Forum Summer Session 2005

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    FWD------------------------- Asia Design Forum Summer Session 2005 (ADFSS05) 30 July to 20 August 2005 An international summer session in Kuala Lumpur,
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      Asia Design Forum Summer Session 2005 (ADFSS05)

      30 July to 20 August 2005

      An international summer session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will be
      organised by Asia Design Forum from 30 July to 20 August in Kuala
      Lumpur for graduate architects, senior students and students.

      The summer session will consist of the following:
      * Key Note Lectures series by key note star architects (2 to 4 per week),
      * Studio assignment for a site in Kuala Lumpur (at the multi-media
      super corridor (MSC) city of Cyberjaya),
      * Topical lectures by expert speakers (on skyscraper design,
      conservation, critical regionalism, planning and urbanism in Asian
      cities, bioclimatic design, design management, improving CAD 3D
      skills, etc.),
      * Architectural tours (to the KLCC Towers - the tallest twin towers
      in the world, Putrajaya - Malaysia's new Capitol City, Cyberjaya -
      the Multi Media Super Corridor township, the KL Telcommunications
      Tower, etc.),
      * Visits to architects' offices,
      * Architectural evenings.

      The event's intentions are to enable international and Asian students
      to experience and learn about Asian urbanism and architecture.

      At the end of the session, each participant will have achieved the following:
      * Attended a series of lectures by a number of international and
      local star speakers on topics related to their work and to the region,
      * Attended a series of topical lectures of local interest,
      * Completed a design studio assignment under the critique and
      tutoring of some of the star architects (for which a Certificate will
      be awarded for those who have passed the project review),
      * Visited key buildings and structures in the locality,
      * Visited to observed the offices and operations of some of the local
      architect firms.
      * Interacted with students and architects from the region and elsewhere.

      Confirmed speakers include:
      * Kisho Kurokawa (Japan)
      * Will Alsop (UK),
      * Peter Droege (Australia) on Post-fossil Fuel Urbanism
      * Rene Tan (Singapore),
      * Claude Berube (Canada), on Design Management
      * Huat Lim (Malaysia),
      * Anthony Wood (University of Nottingham) on 'Skyscraper Design', and
      on 'Asian Cities'
      * Raymond Yeh (University of Hawaii),
      * Yuichiro Kodama (Japan) on "Bioclimatic and Passive Mode Design"
      * Nader Ardalan (Kuwait)

      The costs of attendance (inclusive of accommodation (sharing) and
      meals) per Australian participant / student is $3,000 (at $1,000 per
      week) excluding travel.

      The students can elect to participate for only 1 week (at $1,000) or
      for 2 weeks ($2,000).

      A reduced fee is offered to students from Malaysia and Singapore

      The event will be held at the premises and studios of PJ College of
      Art and Design (PJCAD) in PJ, Selangor. PJCAD has the usual
      architectural school's facilities (e.g. colour printers, internet
      access, lecture rooms, etc.).

      Large audience Key Note lectures will be held at the conference hall
      of the PJ Hilton Hotel (opposite the school).

      The event is accredited and supported by the Government of Malaysia's
      Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia, and those registered architects attending
      will receive 6 CPD points.

      Confirmed participating students are from: University of Southern
      California (USA), Deakin University (Australia), University of Malaya.

      For more information on registration, posters and brochures, please contact:

      Ms. Karen Chin,
      Coordinator and Adminstrator,
      Asia executive Programmes sdn.BHd.
      Suite E-11-09,
      Plaza Mont Kiara, Mont J+Kiara , 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
      Tel. +603 62032009
      Fax. +603 62-35030
      Email: kchin@...
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