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Transportation fellowships for incoming masters and PhD students at Portland State University

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    ... Transportation Fellowships for Graduate Students Portland State University?s Center for Urban Studies will offer up to three fellowships for graduate
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2004

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 12/03/2004 04:13 PM -----

      Transportation Fellowships for Graduate Students

      Portland State University’s Center for Urban Studies will offer up to three fellowships for graduate students focusing on transportation within the following programs, starting in Fall 2005: The fellowships will include a graduate research assistantship (GRA) position and up to $3,000 per year in a fellowship grant.  The GRA position includes full-time tuition and a stipend for research work (14-19 hours per week). GRA appointments and fellowships will be renewed for a second year, assuming satisfactory performance. Support for PhD students may extend beyond two years.

      How to apply
      1.       Complete and submit the admissions packet for Fall 2005 for one of the programs listed above, following the program’s directions.

      2.       Write a letter to the CUS/TransNow Transportation Fellowship Committee outlining your interests and qualifications. Include the letter in your application and send a copy to the Center for Urban Studies (CUS), PSU, PO Box 751, Portland, OR, 97207-0751, attention Denise Duncan, by January 15, 2005.

      About Transportation at PSU
      Transportation education and research at PSU focuses on transportation systems, infrastructure, policy, and planning. We cover all modes of transport and the relationships and interactions of transportation systems with land use, the economy, the environment, institutions, and people. Our programs are multidisciplinary. Faculty conduct research on a wide range of topics, including: transit operations; relationships between urban form, travel behavior and health; intelligent transportation systems; safety; transportation finance; transportation and environmental planning; and land use planning and transportation infrastructure. These are just a few of our current research projects:

      ·         Impacts of Comprehensive Plan Amendments on Interchange Performance
      ·         Estimating the Impacts of TODs on Travel and Transit Use
      ·         Understanding and measuring bicycling behavior: Implications for urban planning, health, and research
      ·         Using Archived Data to Measure Operational Benefits of ITS Investments  
      ·         Evaluation of Transit Signal Priority
      ·         Evaluating the Impacts of Environmental Streamlining
      ·         Measuring the Impacts of Speed Reduction Technologies on Highway Safety
      ·         Identifying and Quantifying Rates of State Motor Fuel Tax Evasion

      To find out more about transportation education and research at PSU, visit these web sites:

      Center for Urban Studies:
      Center for Transportation Studies:
      School of Urban Studies & Planning:
      Intelligent Systems Laboratory:
      Professor Bertini’s web site:
      Professor Dill’s web site:

      Contact any of the following faculty members:
      ·        Jim Strathman, Director, Center for Urban Studies,
      ·        Jennifer Dill, Assistant Director, Center for Urban Studies,
      ·        Robert Bertini, Director, Center for Transportation Studies,

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