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Full Time Position - San Francisco - AAA - Transportation Policy Specialist

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    ... Employment Opportunity Transportation Policy Specialist -- AAA of Northern California AAA of Northern California is conducting a national search to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2004
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 11/10/2004 11:25 AM -----

      Employment Opportunity
      "Transportation Policy Specialist" -- AAA of Northern California

      AAA of Northern California is conducting a national search to identify
      candidates to fill a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in a
      professional position as "Transportation Policy Specialist". This
      position will be based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the main
      administrative offices of the AAA of Northern California, Nevada, and Utah
      are located. Compensation for this position includes a fully competitive
      salary, health insurance, and a full range of other employee benefits. We
      are seeking to fill this position as soon as possible.

      The Transportation Policy Specialist will be responsible for policy
      and development on a wide range of transportation-related policy issues
      affecting AAA members and the traveling public in Northern California,
      Nevada, and Utah. She or he must be able to assess a wide range of
      transportation policy issues in order to develop positions and policies
      appropriate for the organization.

      The Transportation Policy Specialist will work in the Governmental Affairs
      Department of the Association and will report to the Transportation Policy
      Manager. The goal of the AAA's transportation policy activities is to
      improve the transportation system for AAA members and the traveling
      We currently have more than 4 million members, with most of our members
      living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

      Only candidates with a master's degree will be considered for the
      At least one full year of professional work experience is required for the
      position, preferably experience working in government, private sector
      consulting, or public interest advocacy for a non-governmental
      (NGO). The candidate should have prior professional and educational
      experience conducting analysis of transportation-related policy issues.
      Candidates should have a either a bachelor's or master's degree in
      science, economics, public policy, urban planning, engineering, and/or
      public administration. Candidates must be able to work both independently
      and collaboratively, and have a high level of motivation and energy.

      All candidates must have capacity to work with standard office
      software, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, and
      database. Strong candidates for the position will have superior
      communication skills (written and reading, spoken and listening). Ideal
      candidates will have had educational training and professional experience
      conducting governmental policy analysis.

      Strong candidates for this position will have a master's degree in
      transportation, public policy, economics, engineering, or a related field.
      We are seeking candidates with at least one full year of professional,
      full-time work experience in government, non-profit advocacy, or
      policy-related analysis. The range of policy issues that the successful
      candidate will be expected to work on may include transportation finance,
      energy, air quality, traffic safety, and automotive and traffic

      Strong candidates will be able to successfully fulfill the specific
      responsibilities for one or both of the following sets of activities:

      (1) East Bay and/or San Joaquin Valley Transportation Policy Coordinator.
      Many important transportation policy issues relate to developments in the
      Eastern Bay Area Counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano counties) and
      San Joaquin Valley Counties (especially San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and

      Activities in this area will include work with transportation and
      transportation-related governmental agencies on programs and policies
      affecting these counties. The AAA transportation policy specialist will
      work cooperatively and collegially with professional agency staff and
      stakeholder and advocacy groups. He or she will have demonstrated past
      experience in building and developing working relationships with local and
      regional professional agency staff, local elected officials, and advocacy
      and stakeholder groups.

      The successful candidate for this position will be able to communicate
      transportation policy issues in these areas with other AAA colleagues and
      senior executives, communicate information and AAA perspectives to outside
      individuals and interested parties.

      Candidates must have some background, coursework, and professional
      experience related to policy analysis, economics, planning, and politics
      transportation issues. They must have some knowledge relating to analysis
      of issues with regard to costs and revenues and some training in and
      facility with microeconomics concepts and methods, including firm and
      industry economics, positive and negative externalities, and public

      (2) Transportation Energy and Air Quality Policy Coordinator

      Successful candidates will have professional experience and graduate level
      coursework in transportation energy and air quality topics. They will
      some prior experience working in an advocacy role in the regulatory
      development process on air quality and energy issues. Candidates should
      have some familiarity with state and federal legal and governmental
      framework for energy and air quality analysis, including the federal Clean
      Air Act and the Energy Policy Act.

      Candidates should have some interest in and experience with the energy
      sector. The position will focus on transportation energy issues,
      economics of petroleum-based fuels industries and cost-effectiveness and
      feasibility of sources of transportation energy that are alternatives to
      petroleum-based fuels. The successful person filling this position will
      conduct a full range of "well to wheel" analysis of transportation energy,
      with a focus on analysis of economics, externalities, and efficiency of
      different types of fuels.

      Candidate should have some interest in and experience with transportation
      and air quality issues. Candidates should have familiarity with air
      pollution sources and regulatory laws, framework, and processes.
      should have knowledge about methods to assess contributions of mobile
      sources to air pollution at local, regional, national, and global levels.
      Strong candidates will have some background knowledge in chemistry of fuel
      combustion and atmospheric interactions, and economics of assessing
      cost-effectiveness of alternative air pollution reduction methods,
      regulatory, voluntary, and incentive based programs.

      Potential candidates and other interested persons may obtain further
      information or send resumes to:

      Lewison Lee Lem, Ph.D.
      Transportation Policy Manager
      Governmental Affairs Department

      AAA of Northern California, Nevada, and Utah
      150 Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Floor, A03B
      San Francisco, CA 94102
      (415) 551-5420 (office)
      (415) 487-1588 (fax)

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