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Call for 2005 APA Conference Tour Guides

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Hi all, The National APA Conference cometh (March 19th-25th) !! Now is the time to get in on the fun *and* save some serious cash (as in $300.00 on your
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2004
      Hi all,
      The National APA Conference cometh (March 19th-25th) !!  
      Now is the time to get in on the fun *and* save some serious cash  (as in $300.00 on your conference fees
      For this nationally renowned  conference, hundreds of planners will be pouring into the Bay Area from around the good old U.S. of A. Many will have never visited this enchanting city and its surroundings. We suspect that all of those folks and many other conference-goers will want to see more of the area than the inside of the Moscone Center. 
      This is where the fun and saving cash comes in.  During the course of the conference, orientation tours will be offered to attendees by volunteer tour guides. One of the tours will cover San Francisco and another will venture out to surrounding areas.  We would like to invite you to play tour guide by standing in the front of a bus with a microphone and providing a rolling show and tell.
      Have stage fright?? Don't panic.. you will be provided with a script and have plenty of time to practice your shtick before you hit the road. You would be able to follow the script line by line if you chose to but would also be welcome to share insightful zingers about the tour route that you couldn't pick up in your everyday Fodor's travel guide. And no, you don't have to talk for the entire three hours.
      So there it is: Have fun, meet all kinds of interesting folks, and save money.
      Please see below more information and sign up with Andrea Ouse while there are still positions available. And not to forget, please send this along to all of your planner pals who may be interested.
      Ted Heyd
      Public Affairs Management
      135 Main Street, Suite 1600
      San Francisco, CA 94105
      Phone: 415-227-1100, Ext. 35
      Fax: 415-227-1110



      The APA National Conference is headed to the Bay Area from March 19-23, 2005!

      The ever-popular Orientation Tours on March 19th and 20th will introduce planners from all over the country to San Francisco and our lovely Bay Area on, you guessed it, a �3-hour tour�.

      HERE�S WHERE YOU CAN HELP! We need planners to play tour guide!

      We intend to team up some well-known, seasoned veterans on the bus with one or two �up-and-comers� with a real interest in:



      Current planning issues; and,

      Cool trivia about San Francisco and the Bay Area

      We are especially looking for those that love standing backwards in a bus and speaking into a microphone while representing the best the Bay Area has to offer!

      Guides also receive over $300 off conference fees!!!

      Please join us on our recruitment drive! Potential guides will meet soon to discuss bus routes, script outlines, planning experiences and to have FUN!

      SIGN UP BY NOVEMBER 12th!!!


      YES! I want to be a tour guide!!!

      NAME: ____________________________________________

      E-MAIL: ___________________________________________

      PHONE: ___________________________________________

      FAX: ______________________________________________

      Fax this sheet or just contact directly:

      Andrea Ouse

      NSCCAPA Peninsula RAC Chair

      P: 650.985.2590

      F: 650.985.2578

      E: aouse@...


      COME JOIN THE FUN! Let out your inner ham!

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