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FW: ODOT Employment Opportunities

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  • Elisa Harvie
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      Subject: ODOT Employment Opportunities


      The purpose of this email is twofold, to keep you apprised of critical
      events and to ask that you share these opportunities with contacts and
      associates you believe may be prospective candidates.

      Please see the attached brochures for details.


      If you have questions regarding the application and selection, please
      contact me via phone or email. If you know of prospective candidates and
      would like us to send a brochure via U.S. mail, please forward the contact
      information and we will ensure that they are contacted.

      Thank you,

      Nora Leyva-Esquivel
      Human Resource Assistant
      ODOT Employee Civil Rights & Staffing
      2775 19th St SE
      503-378-8957 (FAX)
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