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Tully-Senter School-Community Hub Design Presentation, November 4

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Greetings, Many of you have participated in community-based projects with the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, and particularly in the Tully-Senter
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2004
      Many of you have participated in community-based projects with the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, and particularly in the Tully-Senter School-Community Hub project.
      Mark Cavagnero and Associates will present the conceptual design for the Tully-Senter School-Community Hub at the upcoming Strong Neighborhoods Coalition meeting on Thursday, November 4. Please see the agenda pasted below for more details on meeting place and times.
      The meeting is open to the public. I hope to see many of you there.
      Best regards,



      Tully/Senter Strong Neighborhood Coalition (SNC)

      Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI)


      DATE: Thursday, November 4, 2004

      TIME: 6:30 P.M. � 8:30 P.M.

      LOCATION: JW Fair Middle School, 1702 McLaughlin Ave.



      NETWORKING/LITE DINNER/BINGO                                                    (6:00-6:30)



      1.      Welcome & Introduction (Martin Renteria, SNC Chair)                              (6:30-6:35)


      2.      Council Office Update (Trang Nguyen)                                                       (6:35-6:45)


      3.      San Jose Police Update                                                                              (6:45-6:55)


      4.      STAND Program Presentation (Petra Hernandez)      


      5.      Priority #1:  School-Community Hub Presentation                                (7:00-8:00)                                                                                                     

      6.      Planning Update �Proposed General Plan Amendments                               (8:00-8:15)


                GP 03-07-09:  Southeast corner of Senter Road & Needles Drive- Housing Development (Dave Tymn)             

                GP 03-07-10:   North side of Story Road opposite Clemence Avenue -Commercial Development (Dave Tymn)

                GP04-07-02:  Northwest corner of Story Road & McLaughlin Avenue -Commercial Development (Ben Corrales)

                GP04-07-03:  East side of  Senter Road near Quinn Avenue Commercial Development (Dave Tymn)


      7.      Review Top 10 Priorities                                                                            (8:15-8:25)


      8.      Announcements                                                                                          (8:25-8:30)      


      9.      Next Meeting  - Thursday, January 6, 2005 @ TBD





      Tully/Senter SNC Board

      Martin Renteria - Chair � (408) 947-1528

      Roger Barnett -Vice Chair � (408) 293-9317

      Bertha Ward -Secretary� (408) 292-5297

      Erollyn Blank � Treasurer � (408) 229-8419

      Sister Miriam Fahey� Santee Community Liaison � (408) 292-7610

      John Nguyen � Kennedy Community Liaison (408) 294-9178

      Max Uvalles � Community Liaison (408) 464-3348

      Rev. Chris Kidwell � Community Liaison (408) 280-1021

      Dayana Salazar, Chair
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
      (408) 924-5854

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