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Full Time Position -- SF Department of the Environment -- Environmental Specialist

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    ... S.F. Department of the Environment Jared Blumenfeld, Director 5640 Environmental Specialist Appointment Type: Provisional Filing Deadline: October 29,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2004
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 10/07/2004 01:43 PM -----

      S.F. Department of the Environment
      Jared Blumenfeld, Director

      5640 Environmental Specialist
      Appointment Type: Provisional
      Filing Deadline: October 29, 2004
      Salary: $2,130 - $2,589 biweekly
      $55,380 - $67,314 annually
      Date Issued: October 8, 2004


      Appointment Type: Provisional. Incumbents will be required to succeed in a
      Civil Service Examination process for this class in order to be considered
      for a permanent appointment.

      Program Background: The mission of the City and County of San Francisco's
      Department of the Environment (SF Environment) is to improve, enhance, and
      preserve the environment and promote San Francisco's long-term
      sustainability. SF Environment includes Green Building, Recycling, Toxics
      Reduction, Environmental Justice, Clean Air, Energy, Urban Forest and
      Information Programs.

      Position Description: Under direction, the position is responsible for
      day-to-day management of the used oil grant from the California Integrated
      Waste Management Board (CIWMB). Responsibilities include supervising
      independent contractors; coordinating data and report writing; grant
      writing; outreach and education; and other responsibilities, as directed,
      including those resulting from requirements under the funding agreement
      the CIWMB for used oil recycling. In addition to used motor oil recycling
      program work, this position will assist the Residential Toxics Reduction
      Program Coordinator in planning and implementation around the collection
      household hazardous waste and the use of safer alternatives.

      Duties may include and are not limited to the following:

      * Report writing: including coordinating data collection and record
      for reports submitted to the California Integrated Waste Management Board
      (CIWMB) on a semi-annual basis.
      * Budget and Financial Management: including creation and tracking of
      annual budget, managing all financial transactions and record keeping for
      Used Oil Grant and program.
      * Grant Writing: including the preparation of annual documentation for
      Used Oil Block Grant and as needed for CIWMB Opportunity Grants or other
      relevant grants.
      * Program Coordination: including providing oversight for citywide used
      collection sites, improving access for residents, businesses, and city
      departments for recycling of used oil and oil filters.
      * Program Outreach: including working with local community groups and
      managing advertising program to promote oil and filter collection
      * Re-refined motor oil: Aiding city departments in the purchase of
      re-refined motor oil for use in city fleet vehicles.
      * Regional Coordination: including efforts with state and regional
      to promote used oil and oil filter recycling and use of re-refined motor
      * Other duties and responsibilities as needed.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      1. Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or
      university, and three (3) years of professional experience planning,
      coordinating, implementing and evaluating environmental programs. Two (2)
      years of this experience must be within the area of specialty; OR

      2. Possession of a baccalaureate degree in public administration, business
      administration, environmental science or a closely related field from an
      accredited college, and two (2) years of this experience must be within
      area of specialty; AND

      3. Possession of a valid Driver's License

      Desirable Qualifications:

      * Fluent in Spanish, Cantonese or other language commonly spoken in San

      Selection Process:

      Screening: Applications will be screened for relevant qualifying
      experience. Not all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be

      Performance Exercise/Interview: Candidates may be required to demonstrate
      competence. Written, assessment type, or other performance-based exercises
      may be used.

      Reasonable accommodation will be made so that qualified applicants with
      disabilities may participate in the application process. Applicants
      requesting accommodation should do so by calling 415-355-3700. In
      with the Immigration and Reform Act of 1985, all persons entering City and
      County employment will be required to prove their identity and
      to work in the U.S. Designated employees will be required to file
      of Economic Interest.

      To Apply: Submit a resume and a San Francisco job application (which can
      found at http://www.dph.sf.ca.us/emplymnt/ApplForm/applform.htm and are also
      available at the Department of Human Resources, 44 Gough Street, San
      Francisco). Fill out application and return with resume and required
      documents to Job 5640 Toxics Reduction/Used Oil Recycling, Environmental
      Specialist, Personnel Officer, Department of the Environment, 11 Grove
      Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. The final filing date is 5:00 p.m.
      29, 2004. Applicants must indicate the SPECIALITY AREA they are applying
      in the Specialty box on the front of the application form. Applications
      including all required verification of education and experience and
      for waiver must be received by 5:00 p.m.October 29, 2004. Faxes (415)
      554-6393 will be accepted up to 5:00 pm on October 29, 2004.

      Late applications or resumes without an application form will not be
      accepted. Postmarks will not be accepted. Failure to comply will result
      rejection of the application. Applicants are encouraged to keep a copy of
      all materials submitted. Applicants who have applied for another position
      with this department are required to submit a separate application package
      for this position, including the documents listed below. For questions
      contact Claudia Molina at (415) 355-3748.

      Verification Of Education And Experience:

      The following documents must be submitted by October 29, 2004.
      1. A copy of transcript or diploma evidencing the required education.
      2. Verification of all qualifying experience. Letters of verification must
      be on employer's official letterhead and should include the name of the
      employee, job title(s), job duties, dates of employment, and must be
      by the employer.
      * City employees who meet all the qualifications based solely on
      with the City and County of San Francisco do not need to provide
      verification of qualifying experience.
      * City employees who qualify based on a combination of City employment and
      outside employment do not need to provide verification of City employment,
      but MUST verify outside experience.
      * Non-City employees MUST verify all qualifying experience.

      The City and County of San Francisco is an Equal Opportunity Employer
      Women, People of Color and People with Disabilities are Encouraged to
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