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Internship--Project Coordinator for Intelligent Transportation Systems

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  • Nadine
    Project Coordinator Sought for Bay Area Web Congestion Mapping & Traffic Forecasting Pilot Project SVMG, a public policy trade organization, and OUTREACH,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2004
      Project Coordinator Sought for Bay Area Web Congestion Mapping &
      Traffic Forecasting Pilot Project

      SVMG, a public policy trade organization, and OUTREACH, Santa Clara
      County's paratransit operator, are launching a pilot program in the
      Bay Area to provide commuters and all travelers with real-time and
      forecast traffic information. We are looking for a project manager to
      help with specific aspects of the project. This is a volunteer
      position. It would be a great internship or masters project. More
      details are provided below. If you are interested in volunteering, or
      would like more information about the project, please contact Laura
      Stuchinsky at SVMG at lstuchinsky@... or 408-501-7851.

      Transit agencies around the region have been increasing their use of
      technology to maximize the efficiency of our transportation system.
      Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) run the gamut from signal
      synchronization, to electronic toll payment (Fastrak), to MTC's phone-
      based traveler information system (511), which provides real-time
      information on area traffic conditions. All are designed to maximize
      traffic flow on our roads, facilitate seamless movement for transit
      riders across county boundaries and transit operators, and provide
      more accurate information to commuters.

      In an attempt to enhance those efforts, SVMG and OUTREACH, are
      collaborating on a pilot program to expand the amount, and accuracy,
      of real time traffic information available to Bay Area commuters. The
      project will also demonstrate the feasibility of projecting future
      travel times based on historic data. The information will be
      initially distributed via the Internet and eventually integrated into
      MTC's 511 system.

      The project will use commercial-off-the-shelf software and hardware
      along with Internet- based communication to collect and analyze
      roadway data. The data will be collected from a variety of sources,
      including transportation agencies, private companies, and volunteers
      using low cost in-vehicle probes—primarily GPS-equipped personal
      digital assistants (PDAs) in vehicles. Both real time and historical
      data can be collected on most current model PDAs. Volunteers will be
      able to download a free program from OUTREACH's web site enabling
      them to participate as data collectors.

      This pilot project is being developed entirely through donated labor,
      equipment and software. The project will be launched in stages over
      the next 12 months and will be fully operational when the 2005 ITS
      World Congress in San Francisco opens its doors in November 2005.
      This pilot is one of a handful chosen by Caltrans to be profiled at
      that conference.

      The Project Coordinator will provide day-to-day technical project
      coordination, monitor progress, and provide routine status reports to
      Outreach and SVMG. Activities include daily updates of the ITS Portal
      site, routine email and voice communication with volunteer
      developers, arranging meetings with potential data providers and
      providing technical coordination between data providers and software

      Candidate should be familiar with Microsoft SQL and other back-office
      systems. Familiarity with real time databases, statistical
      forecasting tools and data translation tools and techniques will be
      valuable. Candidate should also have familiarity with GPS and
      wireless technology including GPRS real time connections to the
      Internet. Microsoft VB or VB.NET programming experience will also
      help provide overall project technology base. Probe development using
      Windows Mobile or Windows CE experience will also be valuable.

      Coordinator will be expected to spend a minimum of one hour per day
      on this project. Familiarity with Web development tools including
      FrontPage will be helpful. Routine meetings with the ITS volunteers
      will take place at Outreach headquarters.
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