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Fwd: Invitation to a Housing Forum

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  • irvin dawid
    To downtown residents interested in urban design, and the new urban planning/SJSU egroup members - I know you ll find this interesting. Freedman is a dynamic
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2000
      To downtown residents interested in urban design,
      and the new urban planning/SJSU egroup members - I know you'll find this
      interesting. Freedman is a dynamic speaker. He designed Mtn. View's Castro
      st., turning downtown into a hotspot from a dead zone. He has a lot to say.
      See you a week from Sunday.
      P.S. I'll be the one passing out the "Worried about Housing? Vote No on
      Meausure A!" flier prior to the meeting.

      >From: Lisa Bruner <l_bruner@...>
      >To: Lisa Bruner <l_bruner@...>
      >CC: "Jose A. Villarreal" <jav@...>
      >Subject: Invitation to a Housing Forum
      >Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 14:11:17 -0700
      >From: Jose A. Villarreal
      >Sent: Monday, October 23, 2000 1:59 PM
      >Hello Friend,
      >We invite you to a Housing Community Forum hosted by Joint Venture: Silicon
      >Valley Network in conjunction with the San Jose Evergreen Community College
      >District's Arts and Lecture Series. The forum will be held on Sunday,
      >November 5th at San Jose City College at 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm in the main
      >Michael Freedman, our keynote speaker, is an international lecturer on
      >design. Mr. Freedman develops urban design solutions, which include the
      >successful revitalization of downtown Mountain View and is currently
      >designing a river walk for the City of Napa. Mr. Freedman is co-founder of
      >Communities by Design, a nonprofit center established to offer training,
      >education and information on topics of urban design.
      >At the forum, Mr. Freedman will address the design of communities with a
      >special focus on Silicon Valley's current development and the implications
      >of future demands on growth. He will also address "smart growth" practices
      >and other perspectives that make growing communities successful. Mr.
      >Freedman will be joined by a panel of local leaders involved in housing
      >issues who will comment on his presentation.
      >This is a rare opportunity to listen to one of the country's most
      >urban designers in neighborhood planning and preservation. Come discover
      >creative ideas to master planning, infill development, district
      >revitalization, transit center design, public spaces, and architectural
      >design standards and guidelines. You will also have an opportunity to ask
      >questions and offer your own perspectives on the critical issues that face
      >Silicon Valley.
      >For more information, call (408) 938-1525 or e-mail
      >j_villarreal@... <mailto:j_villarreal@...> .
      >Please visit the San Jose City College web page for directions to the
      >college www.sjcc.edu <http://www.sjcc.edu/> and click on maps.
      >We encourage you to distribute this information to your friends and
      >neighbors as this is truly an exciting opportunity to learn about the
      >development of communities and neighborhoods.
      >Thank you.
      >The same flyer is also attached for you convenience.

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