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FW: job posting: Business Advisor / Lenders for Community Development

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  • Kirby Ung
    Lenders for Community Development BUSINESS ADVISOR OVERVIEW Lenders for Community Development seeks a part-time Business Advisor to provide business assistance
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      Lenders for Community Development

      Lenders for Community Development seeks a part-time Business Advisor
      to provide business assistance to business owners / self-employed
      individuals starting or expanding a business. The Business Advisor
      will work with clients that are applying for business loans through
      LCD's Small Business Loan Program and/or saving for their business in
      LCD's savings and financial literacy program (IDA, or Individual
      Development Account, Program).

      Lenders for Community Development (LCD) is a community development
      financial institution in San Jose, California which pools funds from
      25 member banks, along with philanthropic investors, to reinvest
      capital back into low-income communities through loans to small
      businesses, loans to developers of affordable housing and community
      facilities, and individual development accounts (IDAs). LCD's Small
      Business Loan Program provides loans from $1,000 to $75,000 for
      businesses that cannot yet qualify for loans through traditional
      banks. Since 1995, LCD has provided over $4.5 million in financing
      to more than 130 low-income entrepreneurs and businesses located
      in low-income areas. LCD's IDA Program provides financial literacy
      training and the opportunity to save money in matched savings
      accounts that clients can invest toward a specific asset goal,
      including starting or expanding a small business. LCD launched its
      IDA Program in September 1999 and is now one of the largest in the
      country, having served over 1,000 families. LCD currently has a staff
      of eighteen.

      The Business Advisor is a part-time position (20-25 hours/week) and
      will have responsibility for providing business assistance to LCD
      clients in both the Small Business Loan Program and IDA Program.

      1. Provide individual business assistance to small business loan
      applicants and clients saving for their business through LCD's IDA
      - Meet with clients and provide business planning guidance (including
      assistance with strategic planning, marketing, historical financial
      analysis, cash flow projections, and other management issues)
      - Provide to loan officer all business and financial information
      (including business assessment and financial projections) necessary
      for loan approval
      - Work with loan officers to provide good customer service during loan

      2. Provide individual business assistance to business borrowers
      already in the portfolio
      - Monitor financial performance and general business health of clients
      through analysis of tax returns, financial statements, and visits with
      - Refer clients to and monitor client progress with a pool of partner
      organizations and pro-bono resources for specialized assistance
      (legal,technology, credit counseling, entrepreneurship training, etc.)

      3. Provide group/class business training to IDA program clients
      - Schedule, coordinate and teach regularly scheduled business
      seminars/workshops on starting or expanding a business
      - Develop new business assistance initiatives (supported by customer
      feedback or best-practice research), such as speaker series or
      networking events

      4. Promote new loan opportunities to borrowers and IDA clients when

      - Demonstrated ability in understanding and analyzing financial
      information through a variety of sources (tax returns, profit & loss,
      balance sheet,cash flow statement, bank statements)
      - Demonstrated ability in working with clients to model income
      statement and cash flow projections
      - Demonstrated ability in business planning and market analysis
      - Excellent interpersonal skills
      - Strong written and oral communication skills
      - Entrepreneurial spirit and team player
      - Strong organizational skills
      - Demonstrated commitment to community development
      - Ability to work with a diversity of clients (ethnicity, life
      experience,income levels)
      - Fluency in Spanish preferred
      - Previous experience managing small businesses preferred
      - Previous experience training adults or teaching a plus

      Local travel to client sites and between offices.

      Commensurate with experience and part-time agreement. Salary range
      for the part-time position (20-25 hours) will be mid $20K to mid $30K.

      TO APPLY
      Interested candidates should submit resume, cover letter and salary
      history to:
      LCD Business Advisor Search
      Lenders for Community Development
      111 W. St. John St., Ste. 710
      San Jose, CA 95113

      Send an email to jobs@..., or a fax to LCD Business Advisor
      Search at 408-297-4599 with your request.

      LCD is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
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