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81re: UPC, anyone free Monday for dinner?

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  • irvin dawid
    Oct 28, 2001
      Hello all,

      Robin Lee and I invite anyone interested in discussing the recent California
      Chapter/APA annual conference held last weekend in Sacramento to meet with
      us Monday night at Pizza-a-go-go, 117 E. San Carlos, SJ - yes, we reserved
      the Boardroom!

      On Friday, David, Karli, Anthony, and myself held a "post-conference"
      meeting to go over this event. The notes from our meeting are attached.

      Robin was unable to attend, hence the Monday meeting -- and we thought, "Why
      not invite anyone interested to join us?"

      (Robin, Anthony, David, Karli and I attended the conference)

      As some may know, we have a bit of a problem with Tuesday night UPC meetings
      - some schedules just don't allow for it!!!!

      So, if you are free, please join us!

      In any case, please skim the notes if you can.


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