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797Reminder: Communities by Design Educational Forum on Urban Design

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Mar 1, 2004

      Just a reminder that Communities By Design (CBD), a local nonprofit training and education organization, and the City of Redwood City will be holding another exciting EDUCATIONAL forum on urban design on this Wednesday, March 3, 2004, from 6:30 - 8:00 PM in Redwood City. (Note one-time time change as it will begin at 6:30 PM instead of 6:00 PM)

      Jointly produced by CBD and Redwood City, the goal of "The Forum at Redwood City" is to provide an on-going venue for professional-level education and dialogue about urban design issues.

      The fourth event in this exciting series will feature a presentation on "Design Charrettes: A Public Participation Tool for Integrating Community Values into Design".  It will feature one of the country's leading New Urbanists, Geoffrey Ferrell.  Mr. Ferrel has produced urban design projects across the country for twenty years and has played a central role in over thirty charrettes. His work has an emphasis on form-based coding and community planning charrettes for both urban infill/redevelopment projects and new development.  A copy of his biography is included.

      I have also enclosed for your use summary notes from the last guest speaker at the Forum who spoke on the "best practices in transit-oriented development".

      The fee for the Forum is $10 (payable at the door, checks or cash). The Forum will be held at the Little Fox Theatre, located at 2209 Broadway in downtown Redwood City. Please note due to State regulations, attendance at the Little Fox Theatre is limited to persons over 21.

      The presentation and discussion will be followed by an optional, no-host dinner at a nearby restaurant in downtown Redwood City, so that interested individuals can join the guest speaker and other Forum participants for continued discussion and dialogue.

      The target audience for the Forum includes planning directors, planning commissioners, city managers, and city council members from cities throughout the Bay Area, as well as urban designers, architects, planners and community leaders from the region.

      Please help us "get the word out" about this exciting event by sharing this information with your staff and colleagues who might be interested in attending.

      If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me in the City of Redwood City at (650) 780-7237 or tpassanisi@...



      Tom Passanisi, AICP

      Principal Planner


      Phone: (650) 780-7237;

      FAX: (650) 780-0128

      Dayana Salazar, Interim Chair
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
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