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755GIS Workshops on the West Coast

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Feb 3, 2004
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      > http://www.gis3.com/asp/classtraining.asp
      > WORKSHOP 1:--->
      > Community GIS: An Introduction to Social Mapping(tm) (for those with
      little or no experience with GIS software)
      > Seattle, WA - March 15, 2004
      > San Francisco, CA - March 22, 2004
      > Las Vegas, NV - March 29, 2004
      > This one-day, fast-paced workshop is designed to introduce participants to
      ArcView(tm) 8.3 and to provide the foundation for becoming a successful GIS
      user. This course teaches basic techniques for working with ArcView(tm) 8.3
      while focusing on the social applications of GIS - grant writing, needs
      assessment, community evaluation, public health, and
      > customer location.
      > WORKSHOP 2:--->
      > Beyond Tables and Graphs: Mapping the Census(tm) (for folks with some
      > experience with GIS software - ArcView 3.x or
      > Seattle, WA - March 16, 2004
      > San Francisco, CA - March 23, 2004
      > Las Vegas, NV - March 30, 2004
      > This intermediate, one-day workshop focuses on the integration of
      demographic and spatial data, with an emphasis on the analysis and display
      of the resulting geodemographic data. This is an intermediate, hands-on
      workshop that will teach participants about working with census data in a
      GIS. Following the workshop, participants will be able to customize census
      geography to fit their target areas, perform spatial queries and analyze
      census data, and create thematic and density maps. Participants can choose
      whether they would like to complete their exercises in ArcView 3.x or
      ArcView 8.x!
      > TUITION:
      > $245.00 (per workshop)
      > Sign up for both workshops and get a 10% discount! (Discount will not be
      reflected immediately if you register online. You will receive an
      additional invoice the following business day which will reflect the
      > Online registration is available at www.gis3.com or you may call us at

      Dayana Salazar, Interim Chair
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
      (408) 924-5854