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68Fwd: Upcoming Urban Policy Discussion Events, UCBkly, Fall '01

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  • irvin dawid
    Sep 20, 2001
      To: Momo & Melanni - Webmasters, Urban Planning Coalition, SJSU
      UPC officers, members,
      cc:egroup, Prof. Rosenthal

      From: Irvin/UPC

      Could the below events be posted on UPC website?

      I recommend them highly, and the price is right ($0)!

      >From: larry rosenthal <lar@...>
      >To: bphup_list@...
      >Subject: Upcoming Urban Policy Discussion Events, UCBkly, Fall '01
      >Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 02:45:51 -0700
      >A discussion series sponsored by UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism,
      >College of Environmental Design, Berkeley Program on Housing and Urban
      >Policy and BRIDGE Housing Corporation
      >October 3
      >"Trading Places"
      >Are suburbanites moving downtown and city dwellers flocking to the suburbs,
      >and does it change our policies?
      >October 25
      >"Rebuilding Lower Manhattan"
      >How and when should an architectural icon be replenished?
      >October 30
      >"Global Warming and Land-Use Policy"
      >How will global concerns impact local land use?
      >November 7
      >"Gentrification and Urban Reinvestment"
      >Can we distinguish one from the other, and ease the tensions that arise?
      >December 5
      >"Property Rights vs. Tenant Rights"
      >What values now inform this age-old debate, and how do one-sided policies
      >affect housing markets?
      >All events 7:00-8:30PM at UC Berkeley School of Journalism Library,
      >Main Floor, 121 North Gate Hall, Euclid and Hearst Avenues, UC Berkeley
      >The Terner Series presents informal salon-style discussions. Professionals,
      >students, and community members are invited to attend. No RSVP necessary.
      >For information, call David Slarskey at (415) 989-1111, or email

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