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61Cal APA elections

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  • irvin dawid
    Sep 9, 2001
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      Just got my 2001 Official CCAPA Ballot in the mail and was surprised to see
      Quantitative Methods instructor Hing Wong on the ballot!

      My Urbp 211 class was just on a field trip to ABAG where Hing made a
      presentation on Regional Planning in the Bay Area (followed by a
      presentation by Carol Kuester/MTC Sr. Transportation Planner).

      Hing is a candidate for Director, California Planning Foundation. There are
      either 3 or 4 open seats, depending upon whether the bylaws amendment
      passes. There are 6 candidates running.

      Although it's not listed on his bio, Hing was UPC co-vice chair, 1994-95.
      During our on-going clean-up of the dept. lounge, Karli, current UPC Vice
      President, located 2 editions of The UPC Planner (1994, 95)that make for
      most interesting reading for the current UPC officers and members. Nice
      newsletters, real nice!

      Remember, ballots must be postmarked by Thurs, September 20!


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