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5984Fwd: FW: SGC Announces August Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Guidelines Workshops

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  • Yan Yin K. Choy
    Jul 31, 2014

      Good afternoon,

      I hope this message finds you well. Please share these meetings in Fresno, Oakland and Los Angeles with interested communities and networks.  Flyers are available in English and Spanish. Space is limited and RSVP is required. RSVP early!

      Best regards,
      Yan Yin Choy
      Executive Fellow, Capital Fellows Program

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      Date: Jul 30, 2014 4:51 PM
      Subject: FW: SGC Announces August Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Guidelines Workshops
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      From: Allison Joe
      Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 1:25 PM
      Subject: FW: SGC Announces August Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Guidelines Workshops


      Hi all – you should have received this notice yesterday (if you are signed up for the SGC listserve). 


      Please feel free to distribute widely to your respective agency/dept listserves and contacts as appropriate.  We anticipate a good turnout at all of these three workshops.  Please note that we are requesting advance registration for each site (links on the workshop announcement).


      Thanks much!




      Allison S. Joe, AICP  Deputy Director

      California Strategic Growth Council

      1400 Tenth Street - Sacramento, CA 95814

      allison.joe@...    (o) 916-341-7371 


      From: Strategic Growth Council [mailto:sgc-info@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 6:58 PM
      To: Allison Joe
      Subject: SGC Announcements - Correction to links



      The California Strategic Growth Council announces three workshops to receive public input to inform SGC’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program Guidelines

      July 29, 2014

      Fresno – Tuesday, August 12, 2014
      Oakland – Thursday, August 14, 2014
      Los Angeles – Friday, August 15, 2014

      Space is limited. Please register through the link on the announcement. SGC will webcast and post a recording of one of the workshops on its website shortly after the meeting. Agenda and all meeting materials will be posted prior to the meetings.

      SGC AHSC Public Workshop Notice - English Version
      SGC AHSC Public Workshop Notice - Spanish Version

      Explore an Interactive Map of the California High Speed Rail Project!
      July 29, 2014

      The SGC has coordinated volunteer efforts by the University of California, Davis and the ESRI Corporation to tell the California High Speed Rail story in a short graphic format called a Story Map. Clicking around on various highlighted features of the map and selecting different periods in time between the present and 2028 reveals key facts about the system, its features, its costs, the costs of alternatives, and the railroads value to California’s economy. The California High Speed Rail story is a story about America’s largest current infrastructure project. It is bound to be complex but the StoryMap makes it more accessible. You can explore the Story Map here

      Atlantic Author James Fallows Writes on California High Speed Rail
      July 29, 2014

      The Atlantic magazine national correspondent James Fallows is writing a series of blogs on the California High Speed Rail project. He has written 6 to date. They are here No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6. In this series Fallows frequently refers to the HSR Story Map coordinated by the Strategic Growth Council. You can read more about the Story Map here. In preparation for this series Fallows interviewed California High Speed Rail Commission Chair, Dan Richard, High Speed Rail Authority Director Jeff Morales, SGC Executive Director Mike McCoy and a number of other California interests. In addition he has published responses from many readers making this an interesting ongoing dialog which he plans to add to from time to time.