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5835Young GeoProfessionals South Bay Happy Hour

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  • Jennifer Gorospe
    Apr 4, 2014

      Young GeoProfessionals (YGP) South Bay Happy Hour

      Hosted by the GIS Education Center (GISEC)

      Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 6p - 8p

      Tied House Cafe & Brewery (954 Villa St., Mountain View)

      RSVP via our Meetup Group

      The YGP is hosting our very second event! This time in Mountain View at Tied House Café & Brewery. We welcome people of all ages and industries to attend!  

      Survey for a drink: As a brand-spanking new group, the YGP is trying to get a feel for the types of events that will please our members (including those that do not involve beer). Turn in a short survey to receive a free drink ticket for an award-winning beer or glass of wine. Drink tickets are limited, so show up early!

      Make a map: Exercise your cartographic license! We provide fill-in-the-blank maps of the Bay Area and a theme; you create the map by adding your information. How do you map the Bay Area in your head? Is it by street names or bus routes? Is it by coffee shops or boutique diners? Is it by your favorite food trucks?

      Great beer: Hey, did we mention Tied House has seven craft beers on draft for your tasting pleasure? One of them has your name on it.

      About the Young Geo Professional Group: We are an organization that offers members the chance to learn more about the profession, network, and take topical workshops in leading GIS technology.  We are a new but growing group, and we welcome new members and organizers that want to help shape the direction of the group.

      About GISEC: We are a group of enthusiastic people interested in maps and the technologies and data that create them. We are techies, artists, programmers, designers, geographers, developers, conservationists, data geeks, students, and urban planners.  Really, anybody interested in maps.

      Maps and spatial information has long been used for exploring, understanding, and planning our world. Maps, as data and art, provide a medium to discover and critique our environment and community.  Our meetups are designed to help bring together a broad community of users while supporting collaboration and developing a knowledge base around geotechnologies.  Come join us and see why every X needs a Y.

      The GIS Education Center (http://ccsfgis.org/) is a non-profit program based in San Francisco offering educational workshops, job and internship board, social events, and a lecture series around GIS and other related topics.  Stay in touch by subscribing to our mailing list or via social media - our next big event will offer a new look at cartography, map art, and data visualization.

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