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5688FT Planner/Analyst I, SACOG

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  • lstorney
    Dec 9, 2013
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      Closes January 14, 2014

      Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP)
      • Assist in maintaining current the federal MTIP, a regional database of approximately 900 transportation projects.
      • Coordinate with local jurisdictions and agencies.
      • Assist in processing MTIP administrative modifications and amendments, reviewing submittals for adherence to state and federal programming requirements.
      • Assist in processing adoption of new 2015/18 MTIP.

      Transportation Development Act (TDA)
      • Research and review TDA tasks and claims.
      • Coordinate logistics/planning/findings for Unmet Transit Needs.

      Transit Planning & Grants Management Tasks
      • Transit planning and grants management, including sub-recipient agreements for transit pass-through grants.
      • Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Proposition 1B grants coordination—internal and external—including liaison on FTA on new TEAM grants database.
      • Transit Coordinating Committee (TCC) coordination back-up.
      • Transit asset management planning & reporting from federal transportation act.
      • Short Range Transit Plans (SRTP): Gather background information, write introductory chapters, create tables, charts, and maps, organize and analyze transit data, administer surveys, analyze survey data, proofread and copyedit, coordinate and schedule public outreach events, and track public comments.

      Other Assignments:
      • Safety analysis work that involves compiling and analyzing SWITRS data and using other safety resources (TIMS, etc.) to create tables/charts/maps for use in SACOG planning documents including the MTP/SCS, Regional Monitoring Report, and various grant-funded efforts.
      • Agency budget-tracking tools and reports
      • Federal & state programming round support (beginning late 2014)

      • In order to effectively assist in assigned projects, a background in transportation planning and a knowledge of planning principles is desired.
      • Education equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in planning, engineering, or closely related field is required.
      • Possession of a valid California driver’s license is required.

      Go to http://www.sacog.org/employment/ for more information and how to apply