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  • kristibascom@yahoo.com
    Aug 29, 2001
      Internship Announcement

      The City of Campbell, located in the heart of Santa Clara County, is
      a community of over 38,000 people. Campbell is an urban city of 5.8
      square miles where future development will be taking place on vacant
      and under-utilized properties.

      To this end, Campbell is in the process of creating and updating
      several policy documents, including the City's Design Guidelines for
      residential, commercial, and industrial development. We are looking
      for an intern who can assist us with this project by completing the
      following tasks:

      -Identifying and documenting good design principles at work in
      Campbell and other nearby cities;
      -Collecting examples of user-friendly, practical guidelines being
      used with success in other jurisdictions;
      -Identifying awkward residential, commercial, and industrial
      buildings, sites, and layouts in Campbell and writing guidelines
      which will help future development avoid repeating old mistakes; and
      -Assisting in the technical writing and review of draft guidelines.

      The ideal Planning Intern will be interested in urban design and have
      a background or be completing studies in art, architecture, urban and
      regional planning, or landscape architecture. Although the City of
      Campbell does not offer paid compensation, we provide the opportunity
      for our intern to:

      -Learn the process of local government and planning policy;
      -Experience working in a city Planning Department;
      -Participate in the creation and development of a highly regarded
      planning document, and
      -Coordinate an important project from beginning to end.

      Work on the Design Guidelines Project will be finished by December
      The ideal Planning Intern will be available twice a week for two to
      four hours.

      If you are interested in discussing this position, please call Kristi
      Bascom at (408) 866-2142 or send an e-mail to:

      Posted August 29, 2001
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