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5579AEP Webinar: Health Impact Assessment in the Environmental Process

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  • Maria Javier
    Sep 24 8:49 PM
      Interested in learning about health risk assessment? This educational webinar will pay particular attention to transportation projects. Student rate $39!
      Health Impact Assessment in the Environmental Process 

      The National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) would like to invite you to attend an educational webinar on "Health Impact Assessment in the Environmental Process." With particular attention to transportation projects, this webinar will address the growing national movement for better integration of the results of Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) into the environmental documents prepared pursuant to both the National Environmental Policy Act and documents prepared to meet comparable requirements in State-adopted environmental statutes and regulations.  


      This is arguably one of the most dynamic periods in our nation's history with respect to transportation planning because of the need to replace aging infrastructure, provide reliable and effective options for alternative modes of transportation, and reduce per capita greenhouse gas emissions.  Agencies and other stakeholders involved in the review of environmental documents, particularly those prepared for the consideration of transportation projects are raising important questions related to both health benefits and risks associated with construction, operation, and maintenance of transportation projects.  HIAs provide a means to respond to those critical risk/benefit questions.  


      Please join us for a review of the traditional statutes and regulations related to health risk assessment;   a review of the major steps in conducting HIA, particularly assessing risks and benefits and developing recommendation to promote positive health effects or to minimize adverse health effects; and lessons learned from the United Kingdom experience.  The NAEP Education Committee has assembled the following panel of speakers:

      • Scott Dwyer, PhD, DABT   Practice Leader, Risk Analysis & Toxicology, Kleinfelder  
      • Andrew Burroni, PhD   Principal Consultant - Environmental Planning & Development, Group Leader: Health Impact Assessment,   RPS Group, United Kingdom 
      • Cathy Baldwin, PhD Independent Social and Health Impact Assessment Consultant (UK), Post Doctoral Associate in Anthropology, University of Oxford, and Research Fellow, World Resources Institute (USA).
      • Karyn M. Warsow, MS, MPH, DrPH(c)   Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy Founder and Principal, Transportation Public Health Link

      The NAEP Education Committee wishes to express our appreciation to the Transportation Public Health Link (TPH Link) for its assistance in developing this Webinar. For more information about the TPH Link visit www.transpotohealthlink.com


      Date and Time: Wednesday, October 2, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. ET. (9am CT8am MT7 am PT
      Duration: Event will last 90 minutes
        Location: Wherever it is convenient for you  Questions: Please contact Tim Bower at 856-283-7816 or email him at naep@... 

      Registration Fees: 
        NAEP Members: $79.00   NAEP Affiliate Chapter Members(Non-NAEP Members): $107.00   Non-Members (NAEP or Affiliated Chapters): $119.00 (Save $40.00) **Consider joining to receive the member rate for this and future events   Full-time students: $39.00   For more information, please contact Tim Bower at (856) 283-7816 or email at naep@...

      All the best,
      Maria-Louise Javier
      Master of Urban and Regional Planning Candidate, 2015
      San Jose State University
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