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544Invitation for Students of Placemaking

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Jul 31, 2003
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 07/31/2003 04:36 AM -----

      "Ethan Kent" <ekent@...>
      07/25/2003 03:15 PM

      To: "Ethan Kent" <ekent@...>
      Subject: Invitation for Students of Placemaking

      "There is very little training in how to create places. Schools don't
      train students to create places. They teach them to design or to build
      or to study behavior, but not how to use their professional training to
      tap into the creativity of the community, to help them to create a
      vision, and to function as a resource in implementing that vision." --
      "How To Turn a Place Around" by PPS

      Should planning and design professions be relegated to merely processing
      information, prescribing and defending solutions, and convincing people
      to accept their plans?

      How can professional education help ground planning and design in the
      common sense of places and free it from the strict boundaries of
      disciplines? How can we bring practitioners closer to the communities
      they are meant to serve?

      If these questions are of concern to you, we would like to ask for your
      help in developing a campaign to instill more community driven,
      place-based approaches in planning and design education.

      This Fall, Project for Public Spaces ( www.pps.org <http://www.pps.org/>
      ) is launching a new placemaking education network for students and
      educators. We are planning on developing a website, listserv,
      curriculum, and other resources to facilitate new approaches in schools
      and professional programs. So that this campaign best reflects your
      ideas and aspirations, we would greatly appreciate your contributions.
      If you are interested in getting involved and collaborating with PPS on
      this initiative, please reply to this email.

      We also encourage you to participate in a related campaign organized
      through Planners Network ( www.plannersnetwork.org
      <http://www.plannersnetwork.org/> ), the international association of
      progressive planning. This summer, Planners Network has launched a
      student outreach campaign, mobilizing physical, social, economic, and
      environmental planning students to establish local progressive planning
      groups, and supporting these groups to organize progressive events in
      their communities. If you are interested in joining a Planners Network
      group near you, please read the announcement attached below and contact

      Please forward this email to anyone you feel may be interested.

      We look forward to hearing from you!

      Ethan Kent
      Program Associate
      Project for Public Spaces, Inc.
      153 Waverly Place, 4th Floor
      New York, NY 10014
      (212) 620-5660
      ekent@... <mailto:ekent@...>

      Project for Public Spaces
      building community - creating places - using common sense
      parks & plazas - markets - transportation - civic design
      26 years - 1000 communities - 46 states - 12 countries
      training & education - publications - planning & visioning
      become a member - visit our website www.pps.org


      Planners Network Student Campaign

      Planners Network, the international association of progressive planning,
      welcomes all student planners to get involved in our new student
      campaign. The Planners Network 2003-2004 Campus Drive provides support
      for students to organize local progressive planning events and
      initiatives, aiming to generate increased student and community interest
      in progressive planning.

      The campaign hopes to demonstrate that there is a viable alternative to
      the traditional planning establishment and that planners can indeed be
      advocates for social change, contrary to what students hear from many
      professors and professional planning associations. We are therefore
      inviting students to join PN and establish local PN chapters, to better
      incorporate progressive principles and ideas into planning education and
      to create focal points for local planning action.

      Students who join PN and form a local chapter will be eligible to
      receive financial support and other benefits. PN can provide up to $500
      per campus for student events, along with copies of Planners Network
      magazine, brochures, and student orientation materials. New chapters may
      also benefit from reduced PN membership deals, publicity on the PN
      website, and opportunities for networking with other progressive
      planning students and PN members.

      Students are encouraged to take action at both the local level and in
      the broader context of Planners Network, through a variety of
      - organizing panel discussions, workshops, design charettes, a speaker
      series, or other events;
      - producing newsletters, articles, or other publications;
      - working with faculty to develop a more progressive curriculum;
      - engaging in critical projects related to local planning issues;
      - contributing to the PN magazine, newsletter, listserv, or website;

      - planning a workshop or event for the June 2004 PN conference in New
      York City.

      For more information or to get involved, please email

      Planners Network


      Please forward