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5Qualifying examinations for jobs at the Coastal Commission

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  • Susan Swift
    Oct 12, 2000
      Hi y'all.

      In anwer to Rhys' question, I am now working for the California
      Coastal Commission, the state agency charged with implementing the
      1976 Coastal Act. (Some of you might be familiar with the Commission
      through the Environmental Law course, especially from the Nolan case.)

      The Commission employs a number of planners throughout the state and
      they are currently hiring in several districts. However, to interview
      for a position, you must first pass two qualifying examinations: a
      written test and an oral test. It's a rather long process, but once
      you're on the list, you qualify to apply for a variety of positions
      throughout the state that are categorized as Coastal Program Analyst.
      The Commission's headquaters office is in downtown San Francisco (at
      the Embarcadero BART stop). The district offices are located in
      Eureka, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Long Beach, and San Deigo.

      The next written exam will be offered the week of November 13th, but
      you need to submit an application by October 23rd to be included in
      this round of exams. You can download the forms you need from the
      Commission's web site at www.coastal.ca.gov (click on "examinations
      and employment announcements" from the left column).

      This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in
      environmental issues and coastal management. Some background in
      marine science or biology can be helpful, but it is not mandatory.
      You will want to read the Coastal Act before taking the exams.

      In addition, various departments often need interns. Please give me a
      call if you are interested or have questions about applying for jobs
      at the Commission.

      Susan Swift

      P.S. Please encourage your classmates to join this group and to post
      any job or internship announcements here!