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4159'Delightful Density' presentation by RWC Planner Dan Zack, Thurs 8am, Nov 5, downtown Palo Alto

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  • irvin dawid
    Nov 2 11:47 AM
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      For Palo Alto and other suburbs to meet their greenhouse gas reductions per state legislation (AB 32 and SB 375), they will have to reduce them from the greatest source - transportation. That means walking, biking, carpooling, and taking shuttles, buses, and transit more, and driving - yes, even in the signature car of Palo Alto - the Prius, less.

      Can it be done?
      What role does land use play?

      On Thursday morning, Dan will present his interactive forum on attractive residential and mixed-use density using pictures from downtown Palo Alto. These residences are 'higher' density and walking distance to downtown, the train station, transit center, and the buses and shuttles that serve downtown.

      You will be asked to guess their density in Dan's interactive and captivating presentation.

      Please see details on attachment. Details attached and also at
      Alliance for a Livable Palo Alto

      DELIGHTFUL DENSITY presentation by Redwood City planner, Dan Zack.Downtown Community Center at All Saints' Episcopal Church: 555 Waverley St. (corner of Hamilton Ave: enter along Waverley)

      Morning PA is a function of the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce. ALPA is
      joining them in this particular presentation, plus more in the future.
      There will also be a short presentation by KQED reporter, Kevin John
      Shuler, prior to Dan's interactive presentation.$20 entrance fee to cover room rental.
      See you Thurs!Irvin Dawid/Alliance for a Livable Palo Alto650-853-0558

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