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4071Come to a Picnic to Suport Healthy Foods in Schools: Labor Day

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  • ez063156
    Aug 31, 2009
      There are over 290 Eat-In's scheduled across the country this Labor Day to support Congress appropriating additional funding to the Childhood Nutrition Act. Show your support for more sustainable and healthy foods in our community's local schools by participating on Labor Day.

      There are several scheduled in the Bay Area, including one at San Jose State sponsored by the SJSU Urban Planning Coalition, Veggielution, and the SJSU Nutrition Club. At the SJSU event, Dr. Eugene Cordero and Amie Frisch are keynote speakers, and free activities for kids will be provided. For more information on the SJSU Eat-In, please visit: http://www.slowfoodsouthbay.org/time-for-lunch.htm.

      To find a local eat-in near you, please visit: http://www.slowfoodusa.org/index.php/campaign/time_for_lunch-attend_an_eat_in/

      Lauren Doud
      Slow Food South Bay Eat-In Committee Member