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3754Measure B recount process needs volunteer observers

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  • sigmabetafiji
    Dec 1, 2008
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      1) Measure B recount process needs volunteer observers

      From David Schonbrunn at Transportation Solutions Defense and
      Education Fund

      TRANSDEF will be in court 8:30 am Monday morning, 191 N. First St.,
      San Jose,
      seeking a court order for a manual recount of 10% of the precincts
      for Measure
      B. We feel pretty confident that the Court will agree with us, and
      order the

      This definitely is a case of "be careful what you wish for." The
      recount would
      be likely to start the next day, so we need to be organized, with a
      massive team
      of volunteers. The Registrar will have to recount 114 precincts, and
      it is
      crucial to have someone at each counting table.

      Would you be able to come down to the Registrar of Voters and observe
      the ballot
      counting? I estimate it would last no more than 3 days. TRANSDEF
      will provide
      lunches for our team.
      If there's any way you can find the time to join us in San Jose for
      even one
      day, please respond by email. I will follow up with further
      information on how
      to get to the office there.

      Our situation is simple: if we can find one ballot per precinct that
      have been disqualified that voted Yes, or a No ballot that didn't get
      counted by
      the scanning machine, we can change the results of the election.
      That requires
      a volunteer observer at each counting table to identify the ballots
      that meet
      the criteria to be disqualified. They would then challenge that
      ballot, which
      gets it addressed by election officials. TRANSDEF will provide the
      training on
      how to do this. With your help, we can turn this thing around!!

      This election is absolutely crucial to the future of transit in the
      Bay Area.
      If this tax is defeated, VTA will have to rethink this project.
      Please check
      out our website, www.transdef.org and click on the BART Extensions
      page to see
      what we think should be built in its place. There's also a link to
      our press
      release about the lawsuit right there.


      David Schonbrunn, President
      Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund (TRANSDEF)
      P.O. Box 151439
      San Rafael, CA 94915-1439