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3753Sacramento Railyard Team Highlight Video

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  • relbdour
    Nov 29, 2008
      This is a video made by the team chosen to redevelop the Sacramento
      Railyards located just north of Downtown Sacramento.

      This project is one of the largest and most exciting infill projects
      in the country. It will increase the size of Downtown Sacramento by
      about 1/3 and provide badly needed office space and housing in a
      transit oriented/smart growth environment.

      Redevelopment of the area has been talked about for many years,
      however, it now seems there is considerable momentum to get the
      project moving.

      You may want to skip the middle part of the video but be sure to
      watch the ending showing the simulated flyover of the area as well as
      the planned high speed rail station.


      Unique public private partnership formed to redevelop downtown
      Sacramento Railyards