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3720Complete Streets: Designing for Transit, Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Cars

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  • tevangelho
    Oct 29, 2008
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      Complete Streets:

      Designing for Transit, Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Cars
      Michael Ronkin
      Thursday, November 6, 20086:00pm
      The Little Fox Theatre <http://www.foxdream.com/> , Downtown Redwood
      City <http://www.redwoodcity.org/downtown> , 2209 Broadway
      $10.00 fee payable at door

      Nationally recognized bicycle and pedestrian expert MICHAEL RONKIN will
      be speaking at “The Forum at Redwood City: A Continuing
      Conversation on City Design” on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2008, from
      6:00 - 7:45pm! Don’t miss this timely and informative

      This is an extremely timely and relevant presentation for all of us
      living in California! On September 30, 2008, Governor Schwarzenegger
      signed into law Assembly Bill 1358, the California Complete Streets Act,
      requiring cities and counties to include complete streets policies in
      their general plans so roadways are designed to safely accommodate all
      users: bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders, children, older people,
      those with disabilities. “Streets aren’t just for cars,
      they’re for people, and with the Complete Streets Act local
      governments will plan for and build roadways that are safe and
      convenient for everyone," said Assemblyman Leno, the bill's sponsor.

      Michael Ronkin will explain how this groundbreaking law will improve
      public health, air quality, ease congestion, reduce greenhouse
      emissions, and save money by including all modes at the onset of
      transportation projects. Complete Streets policies also avoid protracted
      debates, expensive project delays and later retrofit projects, by
      assuming all modes will be served by a street â€" it's complete.

      About Michael Ronkin
      Michael Ronkin worked for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)
      from 1984-2006. The first five years he worked in construction, where he
      learned the basics of highway design and road building. From 1989 to
      2006, he served as the Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Manager, where he
      helped shape ODOT’s proactive pedestrian and bicycle policies.

      Mr. Ronkin is now president of his own consulting firm, Designing
      Streets for Pedestrians and Bicyclists, LLC, in Salem, Oregon. He is a
      nationally acknowledged expert in designing streets to better
      accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists. He helps community leaders and
      citizens achieve their goals of place-making, building livable
      communities, and reaching consensus on critical design issues. Mr.
      Ronkin regularly offers training courses to engineers and planners, and
      addresses a variety of audiences on the need to ensure that our cities
      and streets are planned and built with people, not just cars, in mind.

      Mr. Ronkin is the lead author and designer of the Oregon Bicycle and
      Pedestrian Plan; the Oregon Bicyclist Manual; the Oregon Bicycling Guide
      & Coast Bike Route maps; and the Main Street Handbook. He is the primary
      author of “How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action
      Plan.” He serves as ODOT staff liaison for the Oregon Bicycle and
      Pedestrian Advisory Committee and is a founding APBP member (Association
      of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals).

      About The Forum
      The Forum at Redwood City is held on the first Thursday of each month,
      from October through May. Communities By Design (CBD), a local
      nonprofit, and the City of Redwood City jointly produce the Forum, with
      assistance from Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG). The fee for the
      Forum is $10 (payable at the door, checks or cash). The Forum is held at
      the Little Fox Theatre, located at 2209 Broadway in Redwood City. Doors
      open at 5:30pm. (Please note that due to State regulations, attendance
      at the Fox Theatre is limited to persons over 21.) The presentation and
      discussion is followed by an optional, no-host dinner at a nearby
      restaurant in downtown Redwood City. A flier for the event is attached.

      Transportation: For those arriving by car, there is plenty of parking
      available within a comfortable walk of the Little Fox Theatre. Transit
      is also a great option, as the Little Fox is also only 2 blocks from the
      Redwood City Caltrain Station.

      If you need any additional information, please contact Dan Zack at the
      City of Redwood City at (650) 780-7363 or dzack@...
      <http://us.f820.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=dzack@...> .

      PLEASE HELP US GET THE WORD OUT! Please share this information with your
      colleagues who might be interested in attending.

      For summaries of past Forums, visit http://www.redwoodcity.org/forum

      Please join us on November 6th!

      Dan Zack, AICP
      Downtown Development Coordinator
      Community Development Services Department
      City of Redwood City
      1017 Middlefield Road
      Redwood City CA, 94063
      www.redwoodcity.org/downtown <http://www.redwoodcity.org/downtown>

      “Men do not love Rome because she is beautiful; Rome is beautiful
      because men have loved her.” -Leopold Kohr

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