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335Fwd: [Students-L] Internship/Fellowship Opportunities

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  • Anthony Drummond
    Dec 23, 2002

       Hey UPC members,

       If anyone is interested, please check it out. Also if you know anyone that might be interested as well, please forward this over to them. Have a great holiday season!!


       UPC President


      >From: Susan Turner
      >To: "Student Listserv (E-mail)"
      >Subject: [Students-L] Internship/Fellowship Opportunities
      >Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 15:20:47 -0600
      >Students -
      >Looking for an internship or fellowship opportunity? Attached are a few
      >that have crossed my desk recently.
      >Susan Turner
      >Leadership Affairs Coordinator
      >American Planning Association
      >122 S Michigan Ave #1600
      >Chicago, IL 60603-6107
      >312.431.9100 (general
      >312.786.6391 (direct
      >Plan now to attend APA's National Planning Conference in Denver, CO - March
      >29-April 2, 2003

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