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3326Green Building PhD assistantships at Rutgers

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  • Asha Agrawal
    Dec 3, 2007

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Agrawal/SJSU on 12/03/2007 08:40 AM -----

      Ph.D. Research Assistantships         Sustainability Engineering and Planning/Urban Buildings

      Graduate Research Assistantships are available immediately to work on sustainability engineering and planning projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation at Rutgers University. Research projects combine field- and simulation-based studies to investigate the potential for achieving sustainable design in the provision and use of energy and water systems in urban buildings. The research will involve working in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of researchers on campus and off campus. These research assistantships are open to enthusiastic and highly qualified candidates with (1) a B.S. degree in engineering with emphasis on building technology, advanced water and wastewater treatment, building energy systems, green buildings, sustainability metrics, life cycle assessments or other related areas; (2) a M.S. degree in urban planning, architecture, real estate finance, or survey research; or (3) a B.S. degree in computer science with expertise in computer programming using Java and the application of multi- agent simulation models and CORBA-type interfaces. Women and underrepresented minorities including Hispanic, African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, are strongly encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should immediately contact Dr. Uta Krogmann (
      krogmann@... , 732-932-9800 ext. 6207) or Dr. Clinton Andrews (CJA1@... , 732-932-3822 x721).