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  • Christopher Lepe
    Jul 2 10:09 PM
      Please share with your networks
      The West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP) is a grassroots environmental justice group hiring a Community Outreach and Leadership Training (COLT) Coordinator responsible for direct outreach to residents of West Oakland who are impacted by air and soil pollution from decades of industrial abuses.
      The COLT Coordinator works with community residents, through door-knocking, house meetings and community training sessions to build community capacity for leadership and to aid residents in becoming informed advocates for positive change. The outreach method will include development and leadership of neighborhood teams including adults and high school students.
      Additional primary responsibilities include developing curriculum for formal training programs, which teach community members the basics of Environmental Justice, the character of the WOEIP, and specific understanding of issues related to brownfields, redevelopment and diesel air emissions exposure. Once hired the coordinator will be oriented to the WOEIP organizing and collaborative methodology and be expected to build public training programs around those methods.
      A successful candidate will have a Bachelor? degree or better, coupled with experience in the areas of community organizing and public education. Applicants should have a clear understanding of issues relating to environmental justice. Strong communications skills, including development of written reports and live presentations in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, are required. An understanding of the processes of local government and the ability to work collaboratively with representatives from diverse and possibly antagonistic perspectives is very important in this position. The COLT Coordinator must be a patient, compassionate, strategic and psychologically flexible.
      Position requires a personal vehicle with proof of insurance, valid California Drivers License and the ability to lift at least 25 pounds. Fluency in Spanish is a strong plus. This is a full time position.
      Compensation up to $48,000 per year depending on experience.
      To apply send cover letter (maximum one page) and resume by regular mail to:
      West Oakland Indicators Project
      1747   - 14 TH St .
      Oakland , CA   94607
      Attn: COLT
      by e-mail to: eipcolt@earthlink. net
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      To ensure a better flow of information and easier discussion, this listserve was established to enable San Francisco Bay Area community-based organizations, asthma advocates, environmental health and justice groups, technical assistance providers, government representatives and others to discuss Bay Area diesel advocacy.  

      To keep the list productive and secure, we follow some best practices developed over the years by other community-based, environmental justice and environmental health groups.  These ground rules are laid out below; please let us know if you have any questions.

      With this list in place, an email sent to < BayAreaDiesel @yahoogroups.com> will reach everyone on the list. To see who else is on the list, visit

      Ground rules:
      1. This listserve was established for the sharing and discussing non-confidential information such as meeting announcements, logistics, policy opportunities, and other knowledge that generally is non-sensitive in nature. It?s a forum to share ideas, find allies and resources, and connect with local and regional diesel advocacy efforts.  

      2. Emails posted to the listserve should not be forwarded or shared to others outside of the listserve without the permission of the author of the email.

      3. Even with the above restriction in place, listserve members should use caution when discussing strategy or other sensitive information. While this is a community of like-minded advocates, emails can spread with ease.

      Thanks for participating!

      Meena Palaniapan, Pacific Institute

      Joel Ervice, Regional Asthma Management and Prevention Initiative

      Margaret Gordon, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project