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  • Irvin Dawid
    Oct 31, 2002
      Classmates - the deadline for this opportunity is 11/1, 5pm.
      Applications are available at the Student Life Center - a simple
      There are 4 simple "leadership-type" questions - no more than 2 pages is
      requested for responses.
      If you choose not to apply, keep in mind that the opportunity will
      probably present itself at this time next year.

      Irvin Dawid/Intern - PTTAC
      (Parking, Traffic, and Transit Advisory Committee)
      Office of Traffic & Parking Operations
      San Jose State University Police Department
      S. 7th St. @ E. San Salvador St./San Carlos Paseo
      San Jose, CA 95192-0012
      Email: idawid@email.sjsu.edu
      Voice: 408/924-2220
      Fax: 408/924-6566
      Parking Services website: