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2732Call for Abstracts - Planning Forum (student journal of the Department of Community and Regional Planning at The University of Texas at Austin)

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Oct 31, 2006

      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 10/31/2006 01:26 PM -----

      Please distribute this to Master's Students and Faculty at your various
      departments and schools.


      Planning Forum, the student journal of the Department of Community and
      Regional Planning at The University of Texas at Austin's School of
      Architecture, serves as an outlet for the multi-disciplinary exchange of
      ideas regarding the workings of social, political, built and natural
      environments.  The journal is currently welcoming submissions of original
      research papers, current book reviews, discussion of current debates and
      photo essays.

      Submission Guidelines:  The editorial staff is currently accepting abstracts
      of articles to be published in Planning Forum, Volume 13. What's an
      abstract, you say? An abstract is a brief description (maximum 500 words) of
      your proposed article. It should include your topic, research methodology
      and relevancy to the field of planning. For photo essays please submit 3
      black/white or grayscale jpegs (maximum 2 megs per picture, original
      photographs only) with a one paragraph summary. Graduate students and
      faculty from various planning-related disciplines are encouraged to submit
      their work.  The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Monday,
      November 6th and Monday, November 13th for photo essay summaries.  If the
      submission is found both interesting and relevant, the editors will ask the
      author to submit their article.  The editors will respond to all submissions
      within two weeks.

      Suggested length for articles is 5,000 - 10,000 words, including notes and
      references.  Please indicate the number of words on the cover sheet.  Book
      reviews on relevant, recently published works should be no more than 1,000
      words.  Complete articles, book reviews and photo essays must be received by
      Monday, November 27th.

      Authors should follow the style requirements of the Chicago Manual of Style,
      14th Edition, and use parenthetical author-date referencing.  Papers are
      reviewed anonymously, and authors should therefore refer to themselves in
      the third person ("the author") in text and notes. Each illustration, chart,
      table, or graph to be included in the text should be submitted on a separate
      sheet, with desired text locations clearly indicated.

      Submissions will be evaluated by the student editorial staff and faculty
      reviewers according to the following criteria:  clarity of purpose or
      thesis, clear and effective writing or visual narrative, and use of sound
      and appropriate methods.  All submissions are subject to final content and
      style editing with the acquiescence of the author before publication.

      Contact Information:
      Please direct any correspondence or questions to the editorial staff at the
      address below.  Abstracts should be submitted as an MS Word or PDF
      attachment (JPEG for photo essays).

      Thank you,
      Suzanne Russo and Ryan Sullivan
      Planning Forum Editors