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2469Fw: Full Time Position (Los Angeles) Skid Row Housing Trust - Assistant Project Manager

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Jun 1, 2006
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 06/01/2006 10:10 AM -----




      Skid Row Housing Trust is a not-for-profit community developer whose mission
      is to preserve and expand housing opportunities for very low income
      individuals living in Downtown Los Angeles.  Over the past 15 years the
      Trust has placed in service more than 1,100 housing units in 19 projects and
      is now working on a second 1,000 units together with the infrastructure to
      more adequately support this unique community.  To achieve this goal the
      Trust has an immediate need for a full time Assistant Project Manager.

      Responsibilities and Duties:

      The Assistant Project Manager, under the direction of the Housing Director,
      will assume a key leadership role in the Trust’s housing development
      initiatives.  Specific responsibilities will include assisting the housing
      team in:

      Ø                  Identifying project concept, sites, market, and
      evaluating feasibility of potential projects;

      Ø                  Negotiating and acquiring site;

      Ø                  Securing entitlements;

      Ø                  Developing, reviewing, analyzing, and maintaining project

      Ø                  Coordinating and negotiating with lenders, city, state
      and HUD on project requirements and financing document requirements;
      preparing and submitting financing applications to lenders and obtaining

      Ø                  Creating and maintaining project schedules;

      Ø                  Selecting, hiring and coordinating the project team,
      including consultants and contractors;

      Ø                  Monitoring the construction phase;

      Ø                  Preparing reports on project status (budget, schedule)
      for the board and lenders, delivering presentations as necessary;

      Ø                  Preparing documents and carrying out tasks necessary to
      closing the project;

      Ø                  Performing related duties as required.

      Qualifications, Abilities and Skills:

      1.         At least one year of progressively responsible experience in low
      income housing development or multifamily project development, preferably in
      non-profit or public sector;

      2.         Basic understanding of pro formas and other financial analyses;

      3.         Basic knowledge of and experience with asset management practices
      and policies applicable to low-income housing projects;

      4.         Excellent written and oral communication skills;

      5.         Well organized and detail-oriented;

      6.         Able to initiate and maintain effective, cooperative working
      relationships with non-profit organizations, housing residents, lenders,
      investors, contractors and co-workers;

      7.           Basic knowledge of federal, state, local, and private sources
      of financing for low income housing development, including real estate tax

      8.          Background and/or advanced degree(s) in housing development,
      real estate development, architecture, urban planning, business, finance or
      related field.

      Compensation: Salary range $38,000 to $45,000 depending on experience.
      Benefits include annual vacation, 10 holidays, health, dental and long term
      disability insurance and eligibility to participate in 401(k) plan.

      Application process: The position will remain open until filled.  Apply in
      writing with letter to:

      Skid Row Housing Trust Telephone: 213-683-0522 x 123

      1317 E. 7th Street Fax: 213-683-0781

      Los Angeles, CA  90021 E-Mail Cristian@...

      Attention:  Cristian A. Ahumada