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234Interested in transportation history? Upcoming Events: Reading Group at UC Berkeley (fwd)

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Sep 11, 2002
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      A group of students at UC Berkeley have organized an informal transportation history group.  They meet to discuss articles, and this year are sponsoring a couple of lectures.   SJSU students would be welcome to join in.
      Professor Asha Weinstein
      Department of Urban and Regional Planning
      San José State University
      One Washington Square,  
      San Jose, CA 95192-0185
      email: asha.weinstein@...

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      We would like to invite participants from a variety of disciplines who are
      engaged with or interested in research involving transportation history to join
      this discussion and reading group. Our general goals are to understand the
      relevance of transportation history to current policies and trends, to
      highlight international perspectives, and to explore a variety of theoretical
      and methodological approaches.

      The first meeting of the year will be Thursday, September 12 at 7:00 pm at
      Aaron Golub's house: 2228 Parker Street - between Ellsworth and Fulton on
      Parker. It's a little cottage house, next to a church, and behind 2226 Parker

      The topic of discussion will be: "Narrating Transportation History: Deciding
      What's Important and What Isn't".

      We will be reading an article by Stephen B. Goddard, "The Road to Now" (1997).
      We will also be developing a schedule and goals for the year.

      RSVP to Louise Nelson Dyble, alnelson@..., and the article
      will be sent to you via email. The article is short and can be quite easily
      read before the meeting.

      Coming Up: The group will be sponsoring two exciting speakers at Berkeley this
      year, thanks for new funding from the UCTC and the Townsend Center for the
      Humanities. Gijs Mom, of the Foundation for the History of Technology at
      Eindhoven University in the Netherlands, will be lecturing on the topic of
      "Mobility History: Towards a New Paradigm in the History of Transport" on
      October 15. Clay McShane, author of _Down the Asphalt Path_ (1994) will be
      speaking in March.

      For more information, please contact Louise Nelson Dyble,
      alnelson@... (510)527-6584 or Jonathan Mason,