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  • Susan Swift
    Sep 14, 2000

      I think the SJSU fall semester is well underway as we now have a
      number of current students enrolled in this egroup. For those who
      don't know, the new Urban Planning Coalition president is Irvin
      Dawid. I expect we will be receiving announcements from him on
      occasion (I'm looking forward to hearing about the next UPC holiday
      party). Remember, though, any member can post messages to this group.

      I am curious to know what joint SJSU - neighborhood planning
      activities are underway. Please let us know when there are
      opportunities for alums to volunteer for workshops or to attend

      If you're wondering where some of the alums have ended up, you're not
      alone. Rhys, what are you up to these days? And does anyone know
      where Carmela Campbell is working?

      That's enough from me. I look forward to hearing from you! Please
      encourage current and former SJSU MURPs to join and use this forum
      share their news and announcements. --Susan

      P.S. Is anyone attending the Cal APA conference this weekend? I will
      be there, so please say hello if you happen to see me or my name tag.