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18Re: [SJSU_MURPs] seeking info on IT in urban planning

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  • irvin dawid
    Dec 5, 2000
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      Henderson et. al,
      just a reminder, Dr. Rothblatt and the URBP dept is hosting the dept. XMas
      party on Thurs, 5-7pm, in the dept. office, WSQ 218. All are welcome.
      Irvin/UPC chair, 408-924-7433 (work # today till 1pm)

      >From: HENDESKI@...
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      >Subject: Re: [SJSU_MURPs] seeking info on IT in urban planning
      >Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 15:51:59 EST
      >SJSU offers a Masters in Urban Planing degree with a certification in
      >Transportation Management.
      >Although you will use all of your electives in completing the classes
      >needed for Transportation management, you can still pickup course work in
      >GIS through the Urban Planing department or the Geography department.
      >The Geography Department also offers certification in "Geographic
      >Information Systems".
      >Now, if you want both certifications, you will need to talk to the
      >department Chair. His name is Dr. Rothblatt.
      >There you may consider constructing your own Master's degree. A Hybrid of
      >transportation Mgmt and GIS Mgmt.
      >Well, there you have it.
      >Signed, your last true friend, Henderson Ford.
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