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16seeking info on IT in urban planning

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  • mehul@indiya.com
    Dec 3, 2000
      Hi, guys,
      well first lemme apologize for dropping in yr e-group. well, actually
      i'm an architect and have completed masters level course in urban
      planning. i'm from India and have been working with an urban planning
      consultancy firm for last two years. the job has been really exciting
      experience and i had an opportunity to explore various aspects of
      planning including GIS. being inclined towards new technologies and
      having an analytical bent of mind, i would like to pursue a short-
      term or grad/masters level course in role of Information technology
      in urban planning. now, i have no clue wheather this kind of programs
      r offered or not but i'm essentially looking for gaining knowledge in
      the fields of technologic applications in urban and transportation
      planning (GIS can be one of them).
      please lemme know if any of u is aware about such program. thanks a
      lot and apologies again for the unsolicited entry.

      Mehul Naik
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