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1310Urban Planning Coalition (UPC) Pizza Welcome Social

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  • rmsandman_99
    Jan 31, 2005
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      Hello everyone,

      On behalf of the Urban Planning Coaliton (UPC) I would like to
      invite everyone to a pizza welcome social this Wednesday,
      February 2 at 7pm. We are kicking off this semester in this
      fashion to let everyone who may not know of the UPC to come
      and talk with us and get to know what we are doing. The event
      is free (limited supplies, so come early!).

      Please RSVP to upcresponse@...
      The Urban Planning Coalition aims to enrich the academic
      experience of students by facilitating the exchange of ideas,
      building professional networks, and advising students of
      opportunities iin urban planning.

      Bob Mansfield
      President, Urban Planning Coalition