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Re: [SINaturaList] Heron Survey

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         Barclay Avenue at Jansen Street in Annadale theres a pond on the corner that I've seen Black Crowned herons frequently. Usually in the morning.

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      Subject: [SINaturaList] Heron Survey

      Dana Weber  and I are participating in the Heron Survey til October being done by the New Jersey Meadowlands commission, NJ and NYC Audobon societies...
      We are currently mapping good survey points on Staten Island and at first looking at creeks off the Arthur Kill and other points:  for example some highlights  this week:
      Goethals pond  and creek among other birds were 10 snowy egrets hanging together and a green Heron;
      Richmond creek off the Richmond ave bridge were Several Great Egrets and snows ,and 9 Black crowned Herons hanging together;
      Neck Creek at the Meridith ave bridge Great and snowy egrets and a couple of Yellow crowned Herons;
      Up at High Rock a Little Blue Heron and several Glossy Ibis
      Today at the end of River Road 5 great and 3 snowy Egrets and a black crowned Heron
      Please let me know if you are aware of hot spots to survey for Herons (also Ibis).
      Irv Robbins

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