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Christmas Bird Count

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  • cicadaman53
    Many thanks to all of the field observers who go out yeart after year to count birds; without you there would be no Staten Island CBC. Thanks also to the
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      Many thanks to all of the field observers who go out yeart after year to count birds; without you there would be no Staten Island CBC. Thanks also to the feeder watchers, whose reports help to round out our numbers.

      Last year, you will recall that we had a developing blizzard on the CBC day, and we actually had to cancel the round up due to hazardous weather conditions. The weather was much more cooperative this year, with the temperature above freezing for most of the day.

      As far as numbers, it seemed like an average day, with 104 species and 26,991 individuals, a little below last year. Looking at the numbers, it seems that waterfowl and raptors were at or slightly above last years totals, while many songbirds were down. Across the entire list, thirteen species were represented by single individuals.

      There were no new high species totals; however, a new species was added to the list: white-rumped sandpiper, contributed by Dick Veit and the landfill team. Also on the count, for only the second time in count history, common eider, seen by George bouquio and John Stonick.

      At any rate, here are the numbers:

      Red-throated loon 8

      Common loon 16

      Pied-billed grebe 1

      Horned grebe 29

      Great cormorant 30

      Double-crested cormorant 28

      Great blue heron 10

      Black-crowned night-heron 2

      Turkey vulture 2

      Snow goose 13

      Canada goose 4,163

      Brant 2,158

      Mute swan 11

      Gadwall 236

      American wigeon 120

      American black duck 641

      Mallard 1,153

      Northern shoveler 31

      Northern pintail 40

      Green-winged teal 101

      Canvasback 7

      Ring-necked duck 48

      Greater scaup 2,241

      Common eider 1

      Long-tailed duck 74

      Bufflehead 270

      Common goldeneye 74

      Hooded merganser 88

      Common merganser 18

      Red-breasted merganser 216

      Ruddy duck 92

      Northern harrier 6

      Sharp-shinned hawk 6

      Cooper's hawk 12

      Red-shouldered hawk 2

      Red-tailed hawk 47

      Rough-legged hawk 1

      American kestrel 2

      Merlin 4

      Peregrine falcon 3

      Ring-necked pheasant 2

      Wild turkey 119

      American coot 33

      Killdeer 17

      Greater yellowlegs 1

      Ruddy turnstone 41

      Sanderling 112

      White-rumped sandpiper 1

      Purple sandpiper 15

      Dunlin 2

      American woodcock 1

      Bonaparte's gull 1

      Ring-billed gull 2,847

      Herring gull 2,352

      Lesser black-backed gull 1

      Great black-backed gull 1,178

      Rock dove 1,105

      Mourning dove 336

      Eastern screech-owl 9

      Great horned owl 4

      Belted kingfisher 11

      Red-bellied woodpecker 42

      Yellow-bellied sapsucker 2

      Downy woodpecker 70

      Hairy woodpecker 14

      Northern flicker 23

      Blue jay 172

      American crow 27

      Fish crow 5

      Horned lark 113

      Black-capped chickadee 162

      Tufted titmouse 17

      Red-breasted nuthatch 11

      White-breasted nuthatch 34

      Carolina wren 57

      Winter wren 3

      Eastern bluebird 3

      Hermit thrush 6

      American robin 355

      Gray catbird 2

      Northern mockingbird 118

      European starling 2,596

      American pipit 24

      Cedar waxwing 1

      Orange-crowned warbler 1

      Yellow-rumped warbler 155

      Palm warbler 1

      Eastern towhee 2

      American tree sparrow 99

      Savannah sparrow 16

      Fox sparrow 9

      Song sparrow 177

      Swamp sparrow 41

      White-throated sparrow 565

      Dark-eyed junco 286

      Snow bunting 1

      Northern cardinal 194

      Red-winged blackbird 150

      Eastern meadowlark 6

      Rusty blackbird 1

      Common grackle 129

      Brown-headed cowbird 32

      House finch 180

      American goldfinch 140

      House sparrow 757

      Count week birds:

      Black vulture
      Wood duck
      Bald eagle
      Brown creeper
      Chipping sparrow

      If there are any additions/corrections, please let me know.

      Ed Johnson
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