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Reverse the Feeding Ban in Stone Harbor, NJ

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  • Maureen Koplow
    Forwarded message - please reply to feralpower@topica.email-publisher.com Reverse the Feeding Ban in Stone Harbor, NJ On September 7, 2004, the town of Stone
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      Reverse the Feeding Ban in Stone Harbor, NJ

      On September 7, 2004, the town of Stone Harbor, New Jersey, passed
      Ordinance 1214 banning the feeding of feral cats. At this meeting,
      officials chose to ignore solid information about the effectiveness
      of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) which was provided by activists from
      throughout the state. Officials have also received offers of
      assistance from Alley Cat Allies and from John Queenan, Animal
      Control Officer in nearby Cape May. We must continue to put pressure
      on Stone Harbor officials to overturn this ineffective and misguided
      ordinance by firmly and politely explaining that:

      Eradication has been attempted throughout the U.S. for many decades.
      Communities that deal with feral cats by trapping and removing them
      (either killing or relocating) have as many, if not more, feral cats
      now than ever. Full-scale trap-and-remove schemes require a much
      larger and on-going allocation of resources (both funds and staff)
      than communities can afford to commmit to them.
      Public resistance to the killing of healthy animals is growing ever
      stronger. It goes beyond a simple refusal to cooperate and has grown
      into active interference in municipal efforts to harm cats. Without
      community support, a thorough trap-and-kill campaign cannot be

      TNR and sterilization programs reduce public health risks because the
      cats' health is evaluated and they are vaccinated for rabies. Such
      programs reduce cat populations in both the immediate and long-term
      by removing adoptable kittens and strays from feral cat colonies and
      because healthy, sterile adult cats that remain in the colonies die
      out from natural attrition.
      Review of all available data concludes that TNR is the only viable
      solution for reducing outdoor cat populations and studies reported in
      the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA)
      backs up these findings. One such study examined eleven feral cat
      colonies in Florida and found that TNR plus aggressive adoption
      programs resulted in the removal of 47% of the original cats over a
      four-year period with no new kittens born in year four.
      For further information on Trap-Neuter-Return programs, please read
      Please write to the following people TODAY and make your voice heard!
      The cats are counting on us!

      Kenneth J. Hawk, Stone Harbor Borough Administrator

      Suzanne M.Walters, Mayor
      Richard A. Redeker, President
      Karl A. Giulian, Councilmember
      Brian Levinson, Councilmember
      Michael J. Donohue, Councilmember
      Barbara L. Hersh, Councilmember
      James J. Kilsdonk, Councilmember
      Barry D. Mastrangelo, Councilmember

      Borough Hall 9508 Second Avenue
      Stone Harbor, NJ 08247
      Phone: 609-368-6811
      Fax: 609-368-2619

      Alley Cat Allies · 1801 Belmont Rd. NW · Suite 201 · Washington DC
      20009 www.alleycat.org
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